Discover The Various Geeky Subcultures With Machinima's New Video Web Series, FYI

Discover The Various Geeky Subcultures With Machinima's New Video Web Series, FYI

Machinima's New Series FYI explores geeky subcultures, the mysteries behind them and why people may or may not be so obsessed with them. Hit the jump and watch a preview for the "Otherkin" episode.

Fandom is argued, tested and intimate to many people. If you don't think so, just spend a day in the CBM comment section. Machinima's newest show FYI (preview below) analyzes the each of the geeky subcultures and what drives them. Such topics discussed are Doomsday, Internet Cats, Trolling and many more. Hopefully they'll delve into the DC vs Marvel arguement at some point and hopefully soon, as that is a topic that comes up almost daily on CBM and is never fully understood by those who just like a good action packed film with superheroes in it.

Comics isn't the only subculture that will be explored in FYI, as the first few episodes dive into Presidential hopefuls Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Don't understand how one geek could possibly be so infatuated with something...? FYI has got you covered. 

For video game side of FYI. Head on over to the newly designed GameFragger  and see what makes gamers tick over there!

About FYI:

Fandom, geeks,gamers...what do they have in common? They all gravitate to a video game, comicbook, movie, TV show or other form of IP, identifying with that cultural assetin a deeply intimate, personal way. Simply put, they make up the foundation of fandomand gaming's deep niche subcultures while the rest of us, including other geeksand gamers, are outsiders trying to understand.

Machinima (YouTube):

June 1st: Bernie - Launch on Machinima YT/ Facebook, go90

June 8th: Trump - Launch on Machinima YT/ Facebook, go90

Date TBD: Warcraft – Launch on Machinima YT/ Facebook

Go90 App:

June 15th: Doomsday

June 22nd: Final Fantasy

June 29th: OTP

July 6th: SeaPunks

July 13th: Internet Cats

July 20th: Juggalos

July 27th: Wonder Woman

August 03rd: Trolling

August 10th: Affluenza

August 17th: Otherkin
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