James Gunn recently expressed his desire to make a Thunderbolts movie. With the success of his first Marvel movie outing, should we consider it a possibility? If so, here are my thoughts on the film and how it could work...

For those that aren't too in the know with the Thunderbolts or anything, they're a team formed by Baron Zemo (Helmut) and essentially, they're a group of "reformed" villains. I'm no expert on them, I've only read a few Thunderbolts books but what I have read was pretty damned awesome and secured them in my favourites list. I would most certainly greet a movie about the team with open arms and if it's being directed by James Gunn, all the better methinks. Originally I thought I'd rather see the Thunderbolts adapted to the small screen. I now realise that wouldn't be the best of ideas because despite how under-powered the team is, there are too many people with super-powers (Songbird, Atlas, Beetle MACH I, Moonstone) for a TV budget to cover the level of special effects needed. You've got two or three flyers on the team, someone who can scream the Olympic Opening Ceremony into silence and a dude who can alter his size at will. I don't know just how big a TV budget can get, but could it cover the cost of showing that sort of stuff every episode without it not being crammed in for a few minutes at the end? Anyway, a film would be much more suitable and here's what would make it good in my eyes.

Sadly, the MCU has had a bad tendency of killing off its villains. Luckily though, there are a few fish that slipped the net! Crossbones being the main one of course. But then there's the likes of Blizzard from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Abomination from The Incredible Hulk. In my mind, those three would make good additions to the team because they're familiar faces to most people. In terms of expanding the roster, I don't think you could call it the Thunderbolts without Songbird, Beetle MACH I and Moonstone. So, that would be the team. Crossbones, Blizzard, Abomination, Songbird, Beetle MACH I and Moonstone. The thing to do there is to have three villains who aren't really glad to be there (Crossbones, Abomination and Moonstone) and have the other three act as regulators for the team (Songbird, Beetle MACH I and Blizzard). This would create an interesting team dynamic as it presents plenty of ground for in-house conflict amongst the members.

Also, the three reluctant party members would act as background villains. The main villain could be any second-rate guy, maybe they're going after HYDRA and acting as the clean-up crew now that the whole ordeal is done with. Perhaps even have Strucker and Madame Hydra as main villains, it'd certainly be interesting. Eventually though, the team will have to split, otherwise there'd be no big climax for the movie. This would happen during the final fight and it would essentially see Abomination, Crossbones and Moonstone go against orders and beat the crap out of Blizzard, Songbird and Beetle MACH I. If there were to be a sequel, I think it would be best for Deathlok to join the team along with the other Black Widow, but under a different codename.

If you go back through the Thunderbolts roster, there's always a balance between the do-gooders and the wrong-doers. It might even make more sense to wait until all those Netflix series have been released because what would be better than seeing a team with Bullseye on it being the prick that he is? I think the best way you could possibly approach a film like this would be in an almost Usual Suspects style of getting the team together. They're all in prison for something and then they get released by S.H.I.E.L.D. to do some community service. What could be better than that? Bullseye being a prick, that's what! All in all, I think a Thunderbolts movie could definitely work and it'd be a unique opportunity to develop some villains rather than wasting them in a movie. 

So, what do you guys think? Would you like to see a Thunderbolts movie anytime soon? If so, how would you want to see it handled? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the usual place!

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