EDITORIAL: Directors I'd Like To See Helming Future CBMs

EDITORIAL: Directors I'd Like To See Helming Future CBMs

The director tends to be the two most influential aspects of a movie and when you're adapting a beloved character, only the best can be accepted. Hit the jump to see who I think should direct movies for popular super heroes.

When it comes to movies, directors are a make or break factor of the film. The right director can present a film to the world that nobody really thought would ever be possible. They can take the vision of a writer and make it their own and often times, that can be a pretty tremendous process. Comic book movies are no different. With the right director, any bizarre comic book adaptation can be presented to a huge audience in a way that leaves almost everybody happy. There have been a few cases like this in comic book movie history, Batman (1989), Superman, Iron man, Watchmen and Hellboy are for the most part considered the créme de la créme of the comic book movie genre, holding almost every aspect of the genre itself within those movies. However, with wat appears to be a new age of comic book movies on the way, with new agendas and new messages, new directors will have to be implicated to spur these films on. In this editorial, I'll be stating the directors I want to see behind future comic book movies and why I find that director to be a good fit. I'll be looking at characters that specifically will be getting new movies, with any hope, in the forseeable future. So, without any furhter ado, let's begin!

Batman Reboot

With the character making a brand new big screen debut in two years time, his eventual solo movie will require a director. Christopher Nolan did a tremendous job with his Batman movie trilogy and he presented Batman brilliantly. One thing most fans agree as being something they would have preferred to see more of in Nolan's trilogy is the exploration of Batman's detective skills. A hope most probably have is that this new Batman depiction will have a detective's streak to him. A director I feel could portray that more detective-y side of the caped crusader is Guy Ritchie.

Guy Ritchie is infamous for his crime-based drama films. Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, RocknRolla and the Sherlock Holmes movies are all very good examples of his capacity to helm a movie with not only a dark and realistic atmosphere, but also how he handles crime and detective movies. I personally enjoyed his Sherlock Holmes movies and they are the primary reason I'd want Guy to direct a Batman film, with his gritty realistic style being a secondary factor in that. He handled the investigative angle of the Sherlock Holmes movies very well and the plot didn't get too convoluted in the end, which is always a good sign. His British sense of humour would also, in my opinion, bring the character of Alfred into a new light. Jeremy Irons is a very versatile actor and his voice alone is a very powerful thing, so if Guy were to incorporate that British style and focus it on Alfred, Irons' portrayal of the butler might even be right up there with Michael Caine's performance.

Sequel To The Incredible Hulk

A sequel to 2008's The Incredible Hulk is more than just a possibility at this point with the amount of buzz surrounding the character in regards to his development in Age of Ultron. The main issue with deciding on a director for this sequel, is the direction they go with the film. We don't know if Marvel are looking to adapt Planet Hulk or if they're going down the Joe Fixit route and making the Hulk a grey-skinned Las Vegas mob boss. If they were to go the route of Planet Hulk, with the gladiatorial deathmatches and the multitude of odd creatures in massive crowds, I would choose Hunger Games director Gary Ross to direct.

The reason I've chosen Gary Ross is because, having directed the Hunger Games, I think he'd be able to adapt Planet Hulk quite well. Planet Hulk would be a character piece, and that's what Hunger Games is at its core also. The Hunger Games had huge spectical interms of the portrayal of the dystopian world and I think it mimics the Sakaaran world in many ways, so it wouldn't be too difficult to further the idea of that and apply it to an alien world with much larger protagonists and the story is also essentially the same, it's about revolution and standing up for what's right rather than what you're told is right. From a story-telling standpoint, I think Gary Ross would be an excellent choice as a director for a Planet Hulk adaptation. On the flipside of this coin is an earhtbound Hulk film. In all honesty, I'm not all too sure on who I'd want to direct a Hulk film set on earth but if I had to choose it would prbably be David Fincher.

This is primarily for his work on Fight Club. If there's any direction I think they need to go with the character of Bruce Banner and the Hulk, it's the road of the split persoanlity and Fight Club handles that in a very intelligent and subtle way. Until of course the big revelation towards the end of the film. Fight Club was also a character piece but it too was about revolution and standing up for yourself, which seems to be the direction the MCU is now headed in terms of its storytelling.  It's for those reasons that I think David Fincher would be able to give us an entirely character driven Hulk movie based around Banner but playing off of the Hulk persona as well.

Wonder Woman

A character we've all been highly anticiapating as of late seeing as how she's set to appear in Dawn of Justice alongside Superman and Batman, the inevitablitity of a Wonder Woman film has been pretty much solidified for the fans. If I'm not mistaken, this film would be the first time a strong female character has ever taken center stage in a comic book movie. In that case, a director who can truly bring that out on screen would be needed. There are quite a few names that come to mind, but again, this film would probably be a character piece as opposed to a popcorn flick. It's for those reasons that I think Harry Potter three times director Chris Columbus should direct such a film.

Chris Columbus is most celebrated for his work on the Harry Potter franchise having directed the first three films of the series, as well as having directed such character masterpieces as the Bicentennial Man. In those two things alone, he has shown that he is quite capable of making not only a fantastical film but also a strong character piece. The Harry Potter films certainly have their fair share of both of those elements, but Bicentennial Man was a true character piece that revolved a round a robot, so it also took from the fantastical. Bicentennial Man and the Harry Potter films work well as fish out of water stores, and I think that's what a Wonder Woman standalone film should be, a story centering around Diana and her struggle to find an identity in the rest of the world after the events of Dawn of Justice.

As noteworthy mentions, I think Josh Trank would direct a pretty good Runaways movie, which is something we've heard Marvel Studios have had in the pipleine for a while now and I think Josh's style of film making would certainly suit a Runaways film perfectly.I think Guillermo Del Toro might make a pretty good director for the Flash/Green Lantern rumoured team up movie we're supposedly getting at some point in the future. My main reasom for thinking that is because of Pacific Rim, which I disliked but he's had a good track record with other films, plus he managed to make the dynamic between several duos quite special in that movie.
What directors would you like to see take on a comic book film? Be sure to let me know down in the comments section below. As always, till next time, CBM!
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