EDITORIAL: MARVEL The New PIXAR; DC Becoming The DreamWorks?

EDITORIAL: MARVEL The New PIXAR; DC Becoming The DreamWorks?

With Guardians of the Galaxy record breaking success I think it's safe to say Marvel Studios is the Pixar of comic book movies, but out of this will DC become the DreamWorks Animation of comic book movies? Take the jump to check out my thoughts.

Hello ComicBookMovie community! Hope you all had a great weekend and watched Guardians of the Galaxy, I know I did and I loved it. Well on-to the subject at hand. 

With all the recent, record breaking, success of Guardians of the Galaxy I think it is safe to say that Marvel Studios has indeed become the Pixar of comic book movies. By this I mean that it is, for the most part, the Marvel Studios brand selling Guardians of the Galaxy. Now I don't mean Guardians of the Galaxy would have done bad at the box office without the Marvel Studios logo on it, but I doubt that it would have made $94 million dollars on opening weekend in August. Marvel Studios could release a movie about paint drying and it'd at least break the $50 million dollar mark. Marvel Studios has how many biggest openings of the month? Three? One of those have two of their movies. This is pretty much the same effect Pixar has with their films. Pixar's brand alone brings in a lot of money to the box office and puts butts in seats. 

Now on-to DC comics (or is it DC Entertainment now?). Where is DC's brand compared to Marvel Studios brand? Nowhere near it. Marvel Studios brand is on cloud nine, while DC is still on Earth barley getting their spaceship ready. Now this make me think that even if DC manages to make their universe as fantastic as Marvel, they won't reach the level of brand recognition that Marvel has reached. This is how DC is becoming the DreamWorks Animation to Marvel Studios Pixar. Now that isn't a bad thing, many people can tell the difference, but there are stiil those people who don't care to know the difference. When The Avengers was coming out I heard people asking if Batman and/or Superman would be in The Avengers. This is because people don't see Batman or Superman as DC heroes, they see them as Batman and Superman. They are their own brands. This is pretty much the same case for DreamWorks Animations film. Many people think that Pixar made movies such as Shrek, How To Train Your Dragon, some even think Disney Animation films like Wreck-it Ralph and Frozen are made by Pixar. 

Now like I said, not everyone will think this. For the most part it'll be the informed movie-goers and people like you and me that will know the difference, but majority of the audience will still be wondering why the Justice League hasn't teamed with The Avengers or Why Green Lantern hasn't had a run in with the Guardians of the Galaxy. People will place the DC films on Marvel Studios belt until someone tells them otherwise, but even then I believe the Marvel Studios brand will remain the strongest of the two.

So what do you think? Will DC's brand ever reach the level of recognition Marvel Studios has? Or do you agree with me and think Marvel Studios will remain the dominant brand in comic book movies much like how Pixar is in animtion. Let me know your thoughts below! And if you liked the editorial don't forget to hit that red thumb!
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