EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Kelly Sue DeConnick As She Reinvents GHOST For Dark Horse Comics

<font color="red">EXCLUSIVE:</font> Interview With Kelly Sue DeConnick As She Reinvents GHOST For Dark Horse Comics

The fiery Kelly Sue DeConnick is reviving 90's Dark Horse fan favorite, Ghost and plans to put her own spin on the popular character. She's also has some insightful commentary on continuity, boob-windows and the big two.

Interview Conducted by: Mark Julian

Probably the best way to describe the writing style of Kelly Sue DeConnick is that she's Bendis, Millar and Ellis all rolled into one and with fiery red hair. If you want your neurons tickled while reading your comic books then I highly recommend you go out and read OSBRORN, right now. Last week, it was announced that DeConnick would be bring her writing style to a new take on Ghost, the popular 90's Dark Horse Comics title which told the story of Elisa Cameron, a dead reporter who returns to watch over her younger sister while simultaneously investigating the circumstances surrounding her death. It was a unique story for the time and had a strong cult-following during it's heyday. Now, DeConnick is re-inventing the character for a 2012 audience and from what I've been told, this will be a relaunch that possess the same mystery aspect of the original but with an all new, fresh take that should please both newcomers and fans of the original.

-We jump right in to the excitement surrounding the Ghost announcement
- 01:33 Whether Ghost falls into the horror, mystery or supernatural genre or if it's a mixture of all 3
-02:28 DeConnick's familiarity with the character prior to pitching to Dark Horse
-06:41 Speaks on the often murky development period where writers have to pitch to the publisher
-07:28 How far she's progressed writing the series
-07:46 Are we being presented with an updated version of the original story or is this a whole new take?
-10:10 The differences between the original story and DeConnick's
-15:44 In discussing salacious costumes, the conversation shifts to Powergirl's boob-window
-17:59 Compares the challenges of writing Ghost to performing the same duties on Castle and Osborn.
-19:49 Compares the experience of working for Dark Horse to working with Marvel and DC
-22:05 More on the Big Two and the challenge of writing characters with a long back history versus starting fresh

It's really only a matter of time before she's writing one of the mainstream titles for one of the Big Two. Some might say that she's even more talented than her husband, Matt Fraction. If you prefer a "thinking" comic book then I highly recommend that you pick up "Dark Horse Presents" #13 this June. We'll have more from DeConnick on a number of other topics in the coming days.

DeConnick and Noto will revive Ghost for Dark Horse Comics.

Kelly Sue DeConnick is an English language manga adapter and has written for DC Comics, Marvel, Dark Horse, IDW, Image, Viz Media and Tokyopop. She's written such notable characters as Supergirl, Norman Osborn, Sif, and more.

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