FEATURE: Continuation of "Who´s the best dark hero"

FEATURE: Continuation of "Who´s the best dark hero"

Things were pretty close in the first one but now let´s the the second(and final) review or battle if you want of some dark heroes...

I know I forget about some like Spawn or Wolverine, but with time I´ll talk about them.

Let us moove on:

The Incredible Hulk

Technically, the Hulk´s not a dark hero. He´s just someone who pushed the idea of bad mood too far. Legally, he´s a man with enhanced rage. Officially, he´s just someone out of control. But if we go to philosophically, he truly is a dark hero; he truly is a human struggling to find his place and use to society. And he is yet to find that place. As related to his costume… better to stop here. Great representative although… it´s rebel.

The Punisher

Here it is a man who no one has discovered yet if it is insane or if it is perfectly sane and just wants… well, to punish. To be a psychopath he has more than reasons for it, loosing his family like that would turn us upside down, and I mean any of us. It would make us more enraged, fierce, enigmatic, tough, violent and brave. His costume is one of the most perfect of all time, and there are lots of it. It presents us the nature and intentions of the character, the hostile ones.

Namor, The Sub-Mariner

Namor is a dark hero for he is a hater, he hates us-the humans. He fought Nazis but he fought with a little thing inside him happy to be beating up humans. He is rude and aggressive. And that´s it. He´s so damn ruthless, and his mood, don´t get me started…

And it is all for now, I´ll let a few days and then I´ll post the results. And don´t worry about Ghost Rider, he´s in a "coming soon" section like Blade.
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