From The Pull List: November 14, 2012

From The Pull List: November 14, 2012

Your chance to get your voice heard on all your favorite comic books from Marvel, DC, IDW, Millarworld and more! Continue on to find out what I'm currently reading as well as a few reviews from the broader CBM community. If you're passionate about comic books, this is the feature for you!

Listen up all you longtime comic book readers here on the site, this is your opportunity to share your thoughts and opinions about this week's newest comic books. Each week I'll be posting some quick bullet reviews of the titles currently on my pull list and anything else I happen to pick up while I'm in my LCS. I'm only one person and obviously not reading everything so to make this feature as all-encompassing as possible anyone else that wants to participate can. All you have to do is the following:

1: Write a short 1-paragraph review of the current titles you read that week.
2. Email me your review.
3. Keep spoilers to a minimum and be sure to include your 5-star rating!
4. Include your CBM User name/Twitter handle/Blog/Etc. if you have one

That's it. And things aren't limited to just the titles that are not on my Pull List. You want to voice your opinion on the latest issue of Batman from Scott Snyder or The Amazing Spider-Man from Dan Slott? Covering some creator owned titles over at IDW or Dark Horse or maybe you're reading one of the Mark Millar books? If you've got something to say about what you're reading then feel free to send your reviews my way .

World's Finest
Batman and Robin
Justice League
Justice League International
Phantom Stranger

Avengers vs X-Men and all tie-ins
The Amazing Spider-Man
Spider-Men Miniseries

The Walking Dead (Trade Only)

Demon Knights
Redhood and the Outlaws

Resurrection Man
Wonder Woman
Justice League Dark
Action Comics
Wonder Woman

*title indicates series ended

Batman #14 Scott Snyder (w) Greg Capullo (a)
FCO Plascencia (c) Greg Capullo (cvr)

There's long been a school of thought that Batman and the Joker are the yin to each other's yang and that sentiment is front and center in this latest issue. Snyder's easygoing tempo contrasts brilliantly with the actual events in the story further strengthening the thought that events are rapidly spiraling out of Batman's control. We see that just as Batman knows the Joker--- the Joker knows Batman just as well (if not better). I also loved the fact that while Batman is keeping most of the Bat-family at arms length for the time being, he quickly brings in Jim Gordon and Nightwing as confidants, a nice gesture to the history he shares with the longest mainstays of his one-man war on Gotham City crime. The only thing I take issue with were the Joker-teeth that emerged from the river to restrain Batman while Joker gave his monologue about how soft Bats has become, that was pretty random even for the Joker. The backup story from James Tynion and Jock featuring the Penguin and Joker was a nice addition as well. Overall, another great issue from Snyder and co.

Demon Knights #14 Paul Cornell (w) Bernard Chang (a)
Marcelo Maiolo (c) Bernard Chang (cvr)

An interesting issue that's beginning to wrap up some of the plotlines began by Cornell as he will be departing the series after the next issue. The many faceted plan of Etrigan is finally revealed and it works fairly well except the Demon Knights are caught smack in the middle between three supernatural armies that have all just sounded the charge. Hopefully we get some information on what Avalon actually is as that mythical place has some as-yet-undefined role in Stormwatch. There's still a ton of threads to tie up next issue and Cornell will have to be on top of his game to generate a satisfying conclusion.

Phantom Stranger #2 Dan DiDio (w) Brent Anderson (a)
Ulises Arreola (c) Brent Anderson, (cvr)

Pandora has an interesting exchange with the Stranger this issue which also features a bevy of cameos including Trigon's sons Belial, Suge & Ruskoff, Dr. 13, The Haunted Highwayman and Jim Corrigan. The Haunted Highwayman and Dr. 13 cameos seemed to be random insertions but apparently DiDio is trying to tie up some loose plot threads from last year's All Star Western series. I'm also not sold on Stranger getting a wife and kids either. I get that the goal is to transform Stranger into a more rounded character but I prefer the mysteriousness he possessed prior to the New 52. There's so much going on after just 2 issues that the title is already at the point where the next 2-3 installments will determine whether this becomes a must-read or a cancellation waiting to happen.

Amazing Spider-Man #697 Dan Slott & Christos Gage (w) Giuseppe Camuncolli(a) Antonio Fabela (c) Steve McNiven (cvr)

Thank whatever deity you send your prayers up to that this bland and uninteresting Hobgoblin arc is finally over! I actually like Slott's approach to the original Hobby, Roderick Kingley and the notion that he sets up super villain franchises (points for originality) but his interaction with current Hobgoblin Phil Urich was straight out of the big book of comic book cliches. The most exciting developments occur in the peripheral setups for "Dying Wish". We're returning to the Osborns (Norman, Harry AND Stanley(maybe even Normie?)) and Doc Ock apparently for a 3-issue story arc that will mark the end of The Amazing Spider-Man ( for a while anyways). Hopefully, Slott can rise to the challenge and deliver something memorable, he's been wallowing in mediocrity ever since 'Ends of the Earth.'

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