From The Pull List: October 24, 2012

From The Pull List: October 24, 2012

Your chance to get your voice heard on all your favorite comic books from Marvel, DC, IDW, Millarworld and more! Continue on to find out what I'm currently reading as well as a few reviews from the broader CBM community. If you're passionate about comic books, this is the feature for you!

Listen up all you longtime comic book readers here on the site, this is your opportunity to share your thoughts and opinions about this week's newest comic books. Each week I'll be posting some quick bullet reviews of the titles currently on my pull list and anything else I happen to pick up while I'm in my LCS. I'm only one person and obviously not reading everything so to make this feature as all-encompassing as possible anyone else that wants to participate can. All you have to do is the following:

1: Write a short 1-paragraph review of the current titles you read that week.
2. Email me your review.
3. Keep spoilers to a minimum and be sure to include your 5-star rating!
4. Include your CBM User name/Twitter handle/Blog/Etc. if you have one

That's it. And things aren't limited to just the titles that are not on my Pull List. You want to voice your opinion on the latest issue of Batman from Scott Snyder or The Amazing Spider-Man from Dan Slott? Covering some creator owned titles over at IDW or Dark Horse or maybe you're reading one of the Mark Millar books? If you've got something to say about what you're reading then feel free to send your reviews my way .

World's Finest
Batman and Robin
Justice League
Justice League International
Phantom Stranger

Avengers vs X-Men and all tie-ins
The Amazing Spider-Man
Spider-Men Miniseries

The Walking Dead (Trade Only)

Demon Knights
Redhood and the Outlaws

Resurrection Man
Wonder Woman
Justice League Dark
Action Comics
Wonder Woman

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #696 (w) Dan Slott & Christos Cage
(a) Giuseppe Camuncoli (c) Antonio Fabela (cvr) McNiven & West

As we near the end of The Amazing Spider-Man and prepare to transition to Superior Spider-Man, I have to admit I'm concerned that we're not going to get a story that does justice to one of the most important comic book titles around. The conflict between the two Hobgoblins has been pretty boring so far and the cliche team-up to take down Peter and Max at the end of the story was just lazy writing. I have faith though that Slott can turn it around for some definitive Spider-Man stories before we reach #700.

TALON #1 (w) Scott Snyder & James Tynion IV (a) Guillem March
(c) Tomeu Morey (cvr) Guillem March

I wasn't overly impressed with Talon #0 but it was a light week on my pull list and these days, you have to give anything with Scott Snyder's name on it a chance. The first issue of Talon was your standard introduction issue, hero meets villain, is saved by mysterious ally and gets a new costume--- all important stuff surely but there was no wow-factor here. And with the magnitude of malevolence the Court of Owls possesses I find it a tad difficult to believe that Batman wouldn't be aware that they're still out there. Lots of questions raised and left unanswered but that's a good place to be in at issue #1. Strong art from March and Morey have me contemplating adding the title to my permanent rotation.

DOUBLE TAP: CBM User: Bandido | Talon #1 begins with Calvin Rose’s badass return to Gotham. After hearing that Batman defeated most of the Talons during “The Night of the Owls”, Calvin believes that this is his chance to be free. Now I won’t spoil what happens but I am sure most of you can figure out that…well…shit happens. One of the reasons this book caught my attention was actually James Tynion IV. I enjoyed his backup stories in Batman and the writing in Talon #1 is solid. He sets up the plot that will carry this series and introduces one of Calvin’s supporting characters. The art by Guillem March is good especially the action sequences, but some of the facial expressions bothered me. I would also like to add that his costume is growing on me. I truly believe people should give this book a chance. It has a promising story, a new character, and the art is good if u can forgive a few facial expressions.

SUPERMAN #13 (w) Scott Lobdell (a) Kenneth Rocafort
(c) Sunny Gho (cvr) Rocafort & Gho

The previews in last week's DC Comics made me curious enough to pick up the issue. I find the idea of scientifically quantifying the limits of Superman's strength and other powers fascinating but sadly, that was not the main focus of this issue. The biggest development in this issue was the decision by Clark to quit his job at the Daily Planet. But before we could really explore that decision, a prehistoric dragon from Krypton descends on Metropolis effectively capping the character development for Clark that was just starting to occur. It's difficult to see how the events that unfolded in this issue will lead to "H'El on Earth" but I hope the potential relationships with Dr. Veritas and/or Cat Grant aren't pushed to the back burner.

AvsX: Consequences #13 (w) Kieron Gillen (a)Scot Eaton
(c) Jim Charalampidis (cvr) Garney & Keith

My LCS owner keeps slipping AvsX titles in my pull-order and I meekly relent and purchase them. Glad I did this week as AvsX: Consequences was a pretty cool read. Gillen delivered a great interpretation of Cyclops here and really showed that he's a lot more than just Optic Blasts and Field Commander. Even captured and imprisoned, Cyk is still a dangerous man. I also liked the quick glimpse we got into Hope's attempt at a normal life and the reaffirmation that she isn't just going to fade into comic book limbo in the post AvsX Marvel Universe.

DOUBLE TAP: CBM Lurker: Jayventes | Where was this Cyclops at during all of A vs X? This issue just pissed me off about that entire series. I thought it was a good issue but the bits with Iron Man and Emma Frost were a bit stale. I also really enjoyed the exchange between Wolverine, Maria Hill, Captain America and Brand. If anyone knows just how dangerous Cyclops is, it has to be Wolverine. And where is Nick Fury during all of this? Lots of early plot seeds planted in this issue that I'm sure will have huge ramifications in MarvelNOW!

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