Gay Character Picks Showcase DC/Marvel's Cowardice

Gay Character Picks Showcase DC/Marvel's Cowardice

Whether you are pro or anti-gay, there is no doubt that entertainment media, including comics, pushes the gay agenda. But even though our liberal overlords are blatantly campaigning to normalize homosexuality in our society, they are clearly not risking fully embracing it.

My point is that when DC announced that a "major character" was going to be turned gay in their new universe, they lied. Alan Scott, while the original Green Lantern, is not the most famous. Leaving the REALLY bold choices like Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman aside, it would've shown much bigger balls to have chosen Hal Jordan, considered the greatest and more modern GL, and the one who got his shot at the big screen. THAT would've been courageous, but the backlash was risky and thus, DC wimped out and really chose a NON-Major character to show their half-assed support for gayness. "Aren't we being so modern?"

And what is worse is that they obviously didn't even THINK or CARE about the inevitable jokes that would be made about Alan Scott's weakness for... you guessed it. Wood! Plus the fact that his green power was always portrayed as more of a green "flame" rather than the power bolts and smooth constructs of later lanterns. DUH! This oversight makes the whole mess look like it wasn't thought through--like they were just jumping on the pro-gay bandwagon that all the other media is forcing down our throats.

Let's be honest. This whole thing was a publicity ploy and geared to coincide with liberal media's attempt at brainwashing our culture to accept THEIR ideals. Was anybody fooled by all the recent gay announcements coming right after President Obama's acceptance of gay marriage? I'm not. It feels like the left is starting to worry that their days controlling government are about over, so they are going into overdrive to push their agenda before the nation swings conservative again.

Want more proof? Immediately after the DC announcement, Marvel made a big deal about their token gay character Northstar getting same-sex married. That and the flamboyant parade that traipses across our big and small screens continually in television and movies, it feels like all entertainment media is coordinating a brainwashing attack on those of us that disagree with that "lifestyle."

With the population of homosexuals in the world currently sitting at 2-5%, this is obvious overkill. And like I said, if entertainment media wants us to start taking homosexuality seriously, then they should treat it more seriously. Most portrayals of homosexuals are for comedic relief, designed so that the viewer doesn't take them seriously. These new comics portrayals are going further to make gays look "normal" and "just like everybody else," but by choosing these secondary (AT BEST) characters, they are showing that they are uncomfortable with homosexuality, and are themselves homophobes--just like the rest of us bigots.

Way to have balls DC.
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