Josh Wilding Reviews: THE PRIVATE EYE #1

Josh Wilding Reviews: THE PRIVATE EYE #1

Josh Wilding Reviews: THE PRIVATE EYE #1

Today saw the release of The Private Eye #1 from Brian K. Vaughan (Saga) and Marcos Martin (Daredevil); a pay what you want comic book series which is set in a future where privacy is considered a sacred right and everyone has a secret identity. Here's my verdict...

I'm not a fan of digital comics. I don't like to read them on my laptop and I don't enjoy reading them on my iPhone all that much either. However, when the news broke earlier today that the creative team behind the incredible Doctor Strange: The Oath were once again planning on working together for a downloadable series called The Private Eye, I knew that there was nothing that would stop me from downloading it. I'm so glad I did. I'm even more glad that I decided to PAY for it. Writer Brian K. Vaughan (Lost) and artist Marcos Martin (Amazing Spider-Man) have decided to allow fans to either get the first part of the planned ten issue series either for free or any price that they decide they are willing to pay. PLEASE give something as it would be a crime for this superb new comic book series not to be given the chance to be told in full.

Simply put, The Private Eye is superb. In the span of 32 pages, Vaughan effectively introduces us to a world in which everything is now out in the open - the internet and iPhones are a thing of the past - meaning that people choose to hide themselves on the surface as best they can. We are quickly introduced to Patrick Immelman, a paparazzi who uncovers the REAL secrets that people want to know, all while being hunted down by...the press? This is a comic book which will intrigue you from start to finish and the writer lays down a lot of groundwork for future issues here, but gives the reader enough so that this futuristic new world is never confusing or hard to follow. Artist Marcos Martin has shown off his unique style and layouts in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man and Daredevil, but he clearly has even more fun here, creating a vibrant and thoroughly believable futuristic world full of strange characters and stunning architecture. His pages are coloured wonderfully and this is easily one of the best looking comic books currently available.

While the world itself is intriguing enough, we're shown just enough of Patrick and some other quite important plot points to really get a feel as to where The Private Eye could take us. While we may only be one issue in at this point, it's hard not to imagine this making a fantastic movie or TV show. In a marketplace which is now full of gimmicky storytelling and decisions which are obviously made only for a quick boost in sales, Vaughan and Martin's latest collaboration feels like a true breath of fresh air. It may be tempting to get your hands on The Private Eye for free, you'll find that you'll regret not paying more the second you start reading it. It really is that good! One can only hope that this is only the beginning of a new way getting quality comic books into the hands of fans.

An incredible first issue of what promises to be another bona fide hit from Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin. Buy it. But it right NOW!

The Private Eye #1 is now available to download from

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