MARK MILLAR Looking for Artist for Unannounced Book

MARK MILLAR Looking for Artist for Unannounced Book

Comic book creator Mark Millar is looking for a new artist to draw an upcoming book in which the artist will receive much recognition as well as a big pay day!

On his official forum, Mark Millar is taking submissions to be the next artist in his next project. He boasts of pay better than that from Marvel or DC and half of the movie rights to the project as well!

You'd be out in the same year as Quitely, Romita, McNiven and another major artist we can't reveal yet (he's still under contract). In other words, you'd better be bloody good. Upfront, you'd get more than Marvel or DC pay for work-for-hire and you get half the movie rights too. HUGELY commercial project coming in the second half of 2013. Either post below or contact a Millarworld mod if you would like to work on my next release after Jupiter's Legacy.

Note: This isn't a competition or a hunt for a new artist. You'd be earning more than all bar a handful of other artists in the industry if you work on this gig so I'd imagine it would need to be someone who has put in the hours and already established. It's going to be a very high-profile assignment. Like I said, I'm looking for someone who can stand shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Quitely and Romita and the other dudes on these books. It's very, very heady company as far as the art goes.

Stylistically, I'm open, but someone with a slightly urban style would be good and a very fluid penciling style. Something with a lot of energy. However, I need to look at it to judge and something might surprise me. I look forward to working with somebody awesome.

V best,

So what do you think this project could be about? Are you an artist looking for work and think you have what it takes to join the pedigree of such artists as Quitely, Romita, and McNiven? If so follow the instructions he has given and we could be reading and writing about you on a daily basis soon!

John Wilbanks
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