Age Of Betrayal: Marvel Seemingly Announces Relationship Between Iron Man And The Wasp

Age Of Betrayal: Marvel Seemingly Announces Relationship Between Iron Man And The Wasp

Many fans would argue that his playboy mentality is a key feature in Tony Stark's character, but is there any line the Armored Avenger won't cross? Marvel is now teasing a very interesting new pairing...

Sure, it's true that Tony has been with a lot of notable comic book characters in the day, and that list doesn't always exclude his friends' exes. He even had a short fling with Janet Van Dyne back in the 80's, but that was when Tony still had his secret identity, and it ended abruptly when Jan discovered Tony's alter-ego, and wasn't willing to do that sort of thing to Hank Pym.

(Tony Stark and Janet Van Dyne from a past romance)

But times are changing, and with that apparently comes The Wasp's restrictions on dating friends and coworkers, for the cover of the latest issue of Tony Stark: Iron Man features the two long time Avengers locking lips in an embrace while Janet clutches onto Tony's helmet. The two are also in full superhero garb (sans masks), so there is no question as to their identity.

(Wasp and Iron Man, Ultimate Avengers)

The question is, is this just a marketing ploy on Marvel's part to help promote Ant-Man And The Wasp, which hits theatres on July 6, or could it be the other way around? Or is it possible that there is a legitimately decent storyline and reasoning behind this new relationship?

It's unknown at this time what leads these two heroes into one another's arms, but you can be sure it will all unfold dramatically when Tony Stark: Iron Man #4 hits shelves on September 19th. In the meantime make sure to leave your thoughts on the matter below!
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