Another MARVEL Title To Be Announced On Tonight's Colbert Report

Another MARVEL Title To Be Announced On Tonight's Colbert Report

After Marvel split fan opinions with yesterday's female Thor announcement on ABC's The View, Joe Quesada is set to make yet another announcement on The Colbert Report tonight. Hit the jump for more..

Yesterday we learned, via announcement on ABC's The View that Thor would no longer be worthy of his trusted hammer and the title would be given to an all new female character. Now, it looks like Marvel are too continue the trend as Marvel's "chief creative officer" Joe Quesada is to announce a new comic book title on tonight's The Colbert Report!

The character in question is said to be one of Marvel's most beloved and that it (like yesterday) will usher in a new era for the Marvel Universe. Rumor has it that the title will be a brand new Captain America book in which Sam Wilson (aka The Falcon) will take up the mantle!

Stephen Colbert is no newbie to the Marvel Universe, once appearing in a Spider-Man story, running for President of the United States!
What do you want to see announced later today? And after yesterday's response to changing the sex of Marvel's God of Thunder, how do you think fans would react to (as long as it's true)  changing the race of Captain America? Sign off your thoughts below!

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