AvX: Was Cyclops really right?

AvX: Was Cyclops really right?

There has been a lot of buzz about how Marvel's blockbuster event of the year, Avengers VS X-Men, ended. Some say Cyclops was right, but most say the Avengers still Won. Here's what I think...

The reason I'm writing this article is because I recently came across this image:

Now personally, I don't agree with this and in all honesty I have never been a fan of cyclops. I never had a problem with him, he just didn't intrest me as much as I feel he should've. When Avengers vs X-Men (or what should have been called "Marvel Universe vs Scott Summers") started, my opinion on him went down. His bossy, stuck-up attitude just annoyed me.

Everyone knows that the Avengers thought that the Pheonix Force would destroy the world, and the X-Men thought it would bring the mutants back from the brink of extinction. In the end, a new generation of mutants was born, saving the species, hence this whole Cyclops was right thing. Ok, maybe Cyclops was right, BUT... so were the Avengers.

Before the mutant race was reborn, Cyclops (using the Pheonix Force) was gonna destroy the world, just like the Avngers said. He even told us he was going to. This just proves that the Avengers were just as right as Cyclops was. Some of you may be thinking, "But if the Avengers hadn't have gotten involved, Cyclops would never have become Dark Pheonix anyway. Hope would've become pheonix instead and would't have gone on a rampage and tried to destroy the world." Maybe but, when Cyclops had the chance to give hope the power in #6, he tells her she doesn't deserve it keeps it for himself.

The power was never meant to be his, and this is a mistake the will eventually lead to him going crazy, and again, trying to destroy the world. If this article still hasn't persuaded you that the Avengers were right too, maybe this will: "That's the thing about the Pheonix. There always has to be destruction before the rebirth." - Scott Summers, Avengers Vs X-Men #12.

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