Colin Firth Is Dressed To Kill In New SECRET SERVICE Stills

Colin Firth Is Dressed To Kill In New SECRET SERVICE Stills

The Secret Service is an upcoming spy film directed by Matthew Vaughn ("X-Men: First Class"), based on a comic created by Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons. Hit the jump to see some new images that include Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson and newcomer Taron Egerton.

Colin Firth, aka your mother's daydream, is making his first venture into action with Matthew Vaughn's next comic book movie, The Secret Service. The story is based on the comic book that was created by Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons. This will be the second film that Vaughn has adapted from Millarworld. The first being of course, Kick-Ass. This will also be Vaughn's third comic book movie, as you know he helmed that last X-Men film, First Class.

EW chatted with Firth about the upcoming film. During the discussion he mentioned the strenous workouts he endured to look the part. Which is crucial if you want audiences to believe Mr. Darcy can kick butt as good as James Bond. Playing a more physical role than what Firth is accustomed to brought with it some aches and pains.

Oh yeah, I’d be ashamed to tell you I hadn’t. We were ludicrously proud of our bruises, however small. The first bruise I got, which basically changed the color of my arm, was photographed and everyone said, “That’s going to have to go on the DVD or some website, just to prove that you did this.” And I broke a tooth. I think one of the reasons why Matthew wanted me to do so much of it myself was because of the improbability in people’s minds. You feel anyone can have a scene where you cut to a stunt guy, but because no one expects me to do this, he really wanted to sell the idea that it was me doing it.

THE SECRET SERVICE - From the writer of Kick-Ass and the artist of Watchmen comes a collaboration decades in the making! The world's greatest secret agent is on the most exciting case of his career. But will the end of the world as know it take a back seat to training his street-punk nephew to be the next James Bond? meanwhile, what's the secret link between a series of kidnapped sci-fi stars, the murder of an entire town, and a dark secret from inside Mount Everest? Under Uncle Jack's supervision, Gary's spy skills and confidence blossom--but when the duo learn what's behind the celebrity kidnappings, the knowledge comes at a price. The conspiracy begins to unravel, but who can be trusted when so many prominent figures seem to be involved? It's a must-be-seen-to-be-believed action spectacle!
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