COMICS: ALL-NEW X-MEN Editor Nick Lowe Discusses Beast's Drastic New Look

COMICS: ALL-NEW X-MEN Editor Nick Lowe Discusses Beast's Drastic New Look

Depending on just how much of a fan you were of "Cat Beast", the news that the iconic character has a new look either came as very good or very bad news for you today. Here, All-New X-Men editor Nick Lowe discusses the circumstances surrounding the redesign and a whole lot more.

As we reported earlier today (find it HERE if you missed it), iconic X-Men member Beast has been given a new look as the result of yet another mutation. While artists have portrayed the character in various ways over the years depending on their respective styles, his most popular appearance was changed to something far more feline by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely back in New X-Men (much to the distaste of many fans). Well, our friends over at Newsarama caught up with All-New X-Men editor Nick Lowe to discuss this drastic new look for the iconic character. Below are a few highlights, but you can find much more by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page!

On How The Decision To Alter Beast's Appearance Came To Be:

We would often get in big disagreements (by we, I mean me and most of the room) at editorial retreats about Cat Beast vs. Ape Beast. Also, the old design doesn’t look like an ape! Anyway, my resistance was against reverting to the older version because I thought that the more beastly looking works better for the actual character. But since this is a new, still beastly design and not just a furry guy with big hair, I was all in! But my passion on the subject does open me up to lots of ridicule. But that’s OK, I’m the youngest of three in my family so I’m used to that.

On Stuart Immonen's New Design:

[This] was Stuart’s first real design try and Beast and he pushed it very ape or gorilla, and that was great. Again, the design people call "Ape Beast" doesn’t really look like an ape, but I don’t want to confuse people so let’s call this one "Gorilla Beast"! As for changing him, it was something Brian wanted to do from day one. The only thing we didn’t have hammered out was exactly what he’d look like. That was where Stuart came in!

On Whether The End Of "Cat Beast" Is A Sign Marvel Are Moving On From Grant Morrison's New X-Men Legacy:

I see what people are saying here, but it’s definitely not conscious on my part at the very least. Also, I don’t really agree. Now that we’ve seen that Fantomex isn’t dead, I’ll point those people at the awesome new launch of Uncanny X-Force (January 23!) for more there. Emma Frost’s role as preeminent X-Man is still there. Even Cyclops’ role as certified badass is something that I thought had died down before Grant came on and I like to think we’ve kept that going. Quentin Quire in Wolverine and the X-Men! Like you said, story trumps all. After that it’s just creator interest, really.

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