COMICS: Bendis Says ULTIMATE MARVEL Not Going Anywhere Anytime Soon

COMICS: Bendis Says ULTIMATE MARVEL Not Going Anywhere Anytime Soon

Brian Michael Bendis counters previous reports that the Ultimate universe will be ending next year. But what about the chances of Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales venturing into the 616-universe one day?

The earlier rumor was that Ultimate Marvel would be crossing over with the 616-Universe in an event that would see the demise of the Ultimate line. That kind of makes sense seeing how the Ultimate line was created to be a more modern, mainstream take on classic characters but with Marvel NOW! effectively doing the same there's some plausibility to the notion of the Ultimate line ending. However, when asked about new mini-series in the Ultimate line, Bendis shared the following:

"I am happy to report that we are cooking a couple of interesting projects with the ultimate universe along the lines. Ultimate doomsday was a project very close to my heart.

I am also happy to report that the ultimate universe is in healthy shape and not going away anytime soon, contrary to some irresponsible reporting out there today."

Looking at fan reaction to the rumor, many were keen on the idea of seeing Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales enter the 616-universe. On that front, Bendis shared some hopeful news about Miles entering the 616:

"We will find out one day :-)"

There's a bit more info at Bendis' Tumblr page where he regularly answers fan questions. Curious about how Star-Lord escaped the Cancerverse or some other notion, check out his post and send him a question or two yourself.

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