COMICS: Black Panther is the New Daredevil!

COMICS: Black Panther is the New Daredevil!

Black Panther is the new "Man Without Fear"!

According to G4TV Friday, the new "Man Without Fear" will be Black Panther.

The ongoing Daredevil series will become "Black Panther - The Man Without Fear" with issue #513 in November. Black Panther becomes the new "Man Without Fear" as a result of the ending of Shadowland.

Shadowland has had sub-par reactions from fans. It really hasn't been the game changer as many expected. Most fans were up in arms after it was revealed that Daredevil would be exiting the Marvel Universe.

Although most comic fans realize that Daredevil would be back sooner rather than later...

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.
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