COMICS: Blue Marvel, Skrulls, Inhumans, Silver Surfer And More Teased For Marvel's INFINITY

COMICS: Blue Marvel, Skrulls, Inhumans, Silver Surfer And More Teased For Marvel's INFINITY

Marvel's cosmic crossover event, Infinity kicks off on Free Comic Book Day then continues in The Avengers and various tie-ins. Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso recently teased some familiar names that could join Earth's Mightiest Heroes in battle.

'Infinity' is Marvel's Free Comic Book Day (May 4th) offering but it also has large ramifications for the comic book publisher moving forward. The free issue from Jonathan Hickman and Jim Cheung will kickoff a major Avengers event with tie-ins from the cosmic line and a few other Marvel NOW! titles. Over in his weekly column at CBR, Marvel E-I-C Axel Alonso talked about the looming event and who will and won't be making their presence known. Here's a summary below:

  • The series will shine the spotlight on cosmic concepts and characters, namely Thanos, Nova, the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Inhumans.

  • One of the goals of Infinity will be to bring the Inhumans to the same level of prominence as Nova and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

  • Axel says it's not unlikely that Silver Surfer also shows up but cautions not to expect Genis Vell.

  • Axel also says it's not impossible that Blue Marvel shows up as well in response to a question about possibly seeing Blue Marvel take on Thanos.

  • The Skrulls show up in the event and they have 'beef' with the Kree, as per the norm.

  • No plans for Howard the Duck but with Leinil Yu on art duties in Avengers (who has a penchant for inserting the oddball character), you can't say a cameo won't happen.

Are you looking forward to this event or burned out after Avengers vs X-Men? Sound off below in the usual spot.

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