COMICS: Chris Yost Teases Doctor Octopus' Mysterious Plans In AVENGING SPIDER-MAN

COMICS: Chris Yost Teases Doctor Octopus' Mysterious Plans In AVENGING SPIDER-MAN

If you're still on the fence about Marvel's new and "Superior" Spider-Man, this interview should change your mind! What will happen when the Doctor Octopus possessed Peter Parker comes face to face with Wolverine and Rachel Grey (a telepath). What does he want in the Baxter Building?

Regardless of your opinion about the Superior Spider-Man, there's no doubting the fact that having a Peter Parker who is possessed by Doctor Octopus leads to some very interesting story possibilities. While Dan Slott will handle the main series, Thor: The Dark World screenwriter Chris Yost will be tackling team-up title, Avenging Spider-Man. Talking to Comic Book Resources earlier today, the writer teased Otto's plans (it certainly sounds as if he's up to something more than just playing here) and his interactions with the likes of Wolverine and the FF. Below are a few highlights, but the full interview can be found by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.

If you look at the history between Spider-Man and Wolverine, it's fairly antagonistic. Wolverine is pretty much a condescending jerk toward Peter, and that's something that Doctor Octopus' ego will not allow. Otto will take Peter's feelings about Wolverine and act on them in a very Ock way. But the more important member of the X-Men that's a much bigger threat to Otto is Rachel Grey, a mutant telepath.

Spider-Man is summoned to the Baxter Building by the replacement FF -- they've got to go deal with something, and Spider-Man assumes they want him to lead the mission. But in fact, they've called him in for babysitting duty. But Spider-Man has his own agenda as he enters the Baxter Building -- as a former evil scientist, what treasures does the home of Reed Richards hold? Hint: It's something that Peter Parker brought there. But of course, everything goes south when beings from the future attack the FF, trying to wipe them from the time stream.

You'll see the X-Men, the FF, Thor, Sleepwalker, the Secret Avengers -- and while all these team up serve to introduce the Superior Spider-Man to the Marvel Universe, all is not as it seems. Spider-Man is up to something very specific. Or rather, Doctor Octopus is...

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