COMICS: Cullen Bunn On DEADPOOL VS CARNAGE; Also A Three Page Mini Preveiw!

COMICS: Cullen Bunn On DEADPOOL VS CARNAGE; Also A Three Page Mini Preveiw!

With news out that deadpool's getting married in April, Deadpool battles with one of spiderman's dangerous villians...Carnage! Also Cullen Bunn Gives his thoughts on the fight! Hit the jump to check it out!

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Where do the events of "Deadpool Vs. Carnage" unfold? How important an element is setting in this story?

Their hunt takes them on a sort of cross country trip because Carnage is on the move and he stays on the move. The setting is interesting because we have several scenes of Deadpool striking at Carnage or Carnage striking at Deadpool and I tried to make sure that the places where those encounters occur have a dynamic effect on the battle and the outcome of the fight. There's a real spotlight shown on that at the end of issue #3 and going into issue #4.

Who are some of the supporting characters we'll see as Deadpool and Carnage hunt for each other and battle it out at these different locales? Will we see some supporting players from the monthly "Deadpool" book?

The story focuses primarily on Deadpool and Carnage. There are some familiar Marvel Universe characters that will play a role. They're more from the Carnage arena than the Deadpool arena. You may see the Mercury Team show up and you may see some of Carnage's allies show up as well. Most of the Deadpool projects that I've worked on sort of stand apart from the monthly book. That's so readers can follow one story without following the others.

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