Ever since the end of Amazing Spider-Man #700 was revealed, writer Dan Slott has had to face the wrath of enraged fans. Well, in the following interview, he clears up what we should expect from the new "Superior" Spider-Man and more! Check it out.

Talking to Newsarama earlier today, Amazing Superior Spider-Man writer Dan Slott has talked in detail about the new status quo for the iconic Marvel character following the shocking events of the landmark issue #700 of the series (which went on sale today). Below are some highlights from the interview, but be sure to click on the link at the bottom of the page to read the full version.

On Doctor Octopus' Role As The "Superior" Spider-Man:

[Superior Spider-Man] is Doc Ock getting a second chance at life, and not just any kind of second chance: He gets to be this young, athletic, handsome superhero with a great job and respect, who is a member of the superhero community. He gets to be accepted in ways that Otto Octavius never was. And in a weird way, the final gift that Peter Parker gives him is the lesson of great power and great responsibility. So now he's been sent on the right path. But we all know he is that arrogant, egotistical Doctor Otto Octavius. What's going to happen now? He's going to try to be a superhero. He's going to try to take this new lease on life and use it for good. But he's Doc Ock, so of course he's going to do it through his own lens. That's going to be an interesting journey. This Spider-Man is going to have to prove to the readers that he's a hero. That's an exciting journey.

On Where Else Readers Should Expect To See This Version Of Spider-Man Appear:

Anytime you see Spider-Man in the Marvel Universe, this is that Spider-Man. Superior Spider-Man is the Spider-Man who appears in Avenging Spider-Man, and is the Spider-Man who's appearing next month in Daredevil and Journey Into Mystery. Once we get past the opening arc of Avengers, if you see Spider-Man in there, he's going to be the Superior Spider-Man.

On The Differences Between Avenging Spider-Man And The Superior Spider-Man:

Our book is really going to focus on Spider-Man's world and Spider-Man villains and Spider-Man's supporting cast. You'll be in the world of Amazing Spider-Man but with the Superior Spider-Man. Over in Chris [Yost]'s book, it's really going to take advantage of the Marvel team-up of it. Now you'll get to see how the Marvel Universe reacts to this Spider-Man. How do the X-Men react to the Superior Spider-Man? How does the Mighty Thor react to the Superior Spider-Man. What's going to happen when he runs afoul of all these major characters of the Marvel Universe?

On The Belief That This Is Only A Short Term Status Quo Change:

I love that response. I love that immediate response of "this won't last." To me, that's the same kind of mindset that says, "Oh, well, Mr. Freeze trapped Batman in a snowcone machine, but he'll get out next week." When I think of the number of times I've put Spider-Man in, like, a death trap or a terrible situation, and readers immediately go, "Well, come on, the book's called Amazing Spider-Man. What? They're not going to publish it next month? Of course he'll get out." And it only took us to go, "Hey, guess what? We're canceling Spider-Man at #700" to make people realize this is real. It's like people freaking out that Wally West was The Flash. "There's only one Flash! It's Barry Allen!" Or before that, when they said, "Barry Allen isn't the Flash! It's Jay Garrick!" I know every single person has done that for The Flash at some point.

On What We Should Expect From The Superior Spider-Man #1:

You know, we have done more than show people what this book is going to be about, what Otto's path is going to be like. We've done more than that. In the first issue, there is another trick up our sleeve. You're just going to have to wait and read Superior #1. I am so not worried about anyone who says, "700 is my jumping off point!" I'm not worried, because I know that when word gets out and they hear what happens in Superior #1, they're definitely going to want to pick it up.

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