COMICS: Daniel Way Leaving DEADPOOL

COMICS: Daniel Way Leaving DEADPOOL

A rejoice to some, sad news to others, the writer who has scripted Deadpool's monthly title for more than 50 issues is leaving the title. Hear his statement after the jump.

Hallelujah! Daniel Way, known for titles like Wolverine: Origins, is finally leaving Deadpool. He appeared at Marvel's Next Big Thing Conference at the San Diego Comic Con and from CBR's Live Coverage of the panel:

Next came a "Deadpool" slide, and Daniel Way announced he would be leaving the series. "It's been the most fun I've ever had working on a series," Way said, "and I've been able to write every kind of story with this character."

"I've got this other thing on the horizon," Way said, though he could not say more at present.

So Way does have some things on the horizon, but probably not involving Deadpool. Sound off below and tell me what you thought of Daniel Way's run on Deadpool.

Source: Comic Book Resources
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