COMICS: Deadpool Bi-Annual to Get a Boost of Funny from Writer Paul Scheer

COMICS: Deadpool Bi-Annual to Get a Boost of Funny from Writer Paul Scheer

Comedian Paul Scheer is set to pen Deadpool Bi-Annual #1, which is sure to be filled to the brim with hilarity as the "Pool Man" takes a job at an aquatic park to battle crazed animal activists.

Everybody’s favorite Merc with the Mouth is going to be getting a big blast of hilarious from comedian Paul Scheer as he’s been tapped like a keg of Heineken to pen Deadpool Bi-Annual #1  for Marvel Comics.

Scheer’s magnum opus is set to showcase Deadpool as a working stiff (commence with the erection jokes in 3...2...1…) as the lovably sacrilegious master of mayhem takes a job working at WaterWorld. Unless you only have two brain cells to rub together, you probably guessed that this is obviously an aquatic theme park of some type.

During Deadpool’s adventures on the job, he encounters a bunch of pesky activists who keep running amok at the park, making things a bit unsavory for guests. The story take an interesting turn when the Pool Man (incredibly horrendous nickname, right?) discovers that the activists are really members of Brute Force.

Those who are looking for a comic filled with hilarity can rest assured knowing that Scheer has plenty of experience bringing the funny. He’s been a regular on The League and has also written some comics featuring a healthy dose of humor that were well received by fans.

Scheer is promising that readers will have a pretty good time reading the book, as it’ll have the same insanity fans have come to expect from Deadpool books, only kicked up a thousand notches. Sounds freaking amazing!

The book is due out in September.

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