COMICS: First Look At Inked Pages From Frank Cho's SAVAGE WOLVERINE #1

COMICS: First Look At Inked Pages From Frank Cho's SAVAGE WOLVERINE #1

Hit the jump for a first look at pages from Frank Cho's "Marvel NOW!" series, Savage Wolverine, as well as details on both its premise and why exactly the writer and artist has decided to give Shanna and Amadeus Cho a prominent role in the book.

While Frank Cho being hired by Marvel to provide artwork on Savage Wolverine wasn't exactly a huge surprise, the fact that he will also write the series was. Talking to Comic Book Resources, Cho has provided a few more detail on what we should expect from the "Marvel NOW!" relaunched book as well as unveiling his incredible inked pages from the series which will be launching next January. While we do have a few key highlights below, make sure to click on the link at the bottom of the page to read the interview in full.

On The Premise Of The Series And How Wolverine Ends Up In The Savage Land:

Wolverine's arrival on the island is even more mysterious. He wakes up and is lying in the grass on this island and he's immediately like, 'Where the hell am I?' So he searches around and tries to find a way off the island and comes across a scouting party from the tribe that lives there. He sees that they have taken a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent as a hostage -- and that's how our story starts. We've got three different characters exploring the mystery of this island and eventually it becomes a race against time. Marvel gave me plenty of lead time, too, so the series shouldn't suffer from any delays on my part. I'm halfway through issue #3 right now, and I should be working on issue #5, the final installment of the first story, when the book launches. This story is really going to leave Wolverine in an interesting place with a new big bad out there, ready to take on not just Wolverine, but maybe even the entire Marvel Universe!

On Why He Decided To Use Shanna And Her Relationship With Wolverine:

I've always had a soft spot for Shanna because she was the character that made my career at Marvel. I always thought if written right, she could be a pretty interesting character. Plus, with my humor background, I always like to write two characters; the straight man and the funny man. In this story Wolverine is the straight man and Shanna delivers the punchlines. I update Shanna quite a bit in the story. She's still married to Ka-Zar, though, so I'm going to go ahead and say it: Wolverine and Shanna do not hook up. Nothing like that happens. They have a dynamic more like what you'd see between two cop characters in a buddy action film.

On Deciding To Include The Incredible Hulk's Amadeus Cho In The Series:

Amadeus is our third main character. He's a fun character to use because I needed someone really smart to tackle the mystery of the island. I couldn't use any of the other famous Marvel geniuses like Reed Richards or Tony Stark, and Amadeus is the seventh smartest person in the Marvel Universe, technically. He's also a clean slate in a lot of ways, and he's a smart ass. He's kind of like the movie Tony Stark in this story, a Robert Downey Jr. character. He's even got his own armor, a special three-piece Vindicator-style suit, which has an artificial intelligence. The A.I.'s name is Calvin, as in Calvin Klein. There's a fun dynamic between him and Calvin where they're going back and forth, just arguing about things as Amadeus explores this island.

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