COMICS: First Look at the New Series AVENGERS UNDERCOVER #1

COMICS: First Look at the New Series AVENGERS UNDERCOVER #1

This March, a new Avengers series will launch with the creative team of Dennis Hopeless and Kev Walker. Five young superheroes are going deep undercover with the Masters of Evil - but which one will descend into darkness? Hit the jump for the first preview!

Dennis Hopeless (writer) Kev Walker (art) Francesco Mattina (cover) Mark Brooks (variant)

ON SALE: 03/12/2014

This March, ask yourself the question: If you were a teen superhuman and all the adult heroes failed you when you were kidnapped and tortured, would you switch sides and break bad? Marvel is pleased to present your first look at AVENGERS UNDERCOVER #1 from Harvey Award winning writer Dennis Hopeless and critically acclaimed artist Kev Walker!

Damaged, broken, and forever changed by their experiences in Murder World, five conflicted young superhumans are out to prove to the world they can still be heroes. Now, Bloodstone, Hazmat, Deathlocket, Cammi, Anachronism, Chase, and Nico are going rogue and heading deep undercover with the Masters of Evil. And they’re going to take them down from the inside!

But the longer these teens spend undercover, the deeper they descend into darkness. And the line between good and evil blurs. Before it’s all over – a new super villain will be born!

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