COMICS: George R.R. Martin Would Write DR. STRANGE For Marvel

COMICS: George R.R. Martin Would Write DR. STRANGE For Marvel

Famed author George R.R. Martin (Game of Thrones) is a much documented comic book fan and here he answers the question of which Marvel character he'd like to write. His answer starts off innocent enough but it's humorously obvious he's given it some thought.

George R.R. Martin has been a fan of Marvel Comics since its inception. His (now famous) letter to Stan Lee published back in fan column in Avengers #12 concerning Avengers #9 and Fantastic Four #2 can be seen HERE. Recently, MTV Geek caught up with Martin at Worldcon 2012 and asked him what Marvel title he would like to write.

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"I don't know what my story angle would be. The character I'd have the most fun writing would be Dr Strange,the master of the mystic arts, he was always one of my favorites...but before I did that I'd have my lawyers meet with Marvel's lawyers and work out an iron-clad contract that would say that whatever I did in the story would continue on forever and would never be retconned, rebooted or reimagined out of the universe when some later writer decided to mess around with it...I always hated reboots and retconns and the fact that a new writer comes in and 'un-does' what the previous writer did and brings dead characters back to life, kills new characters....but I did love Dr Strange and if I was to write a Marvel character him and his dimensions would be it....I'd seperate him off from the rest of the Marvel universe and not make him part of a team. He doesnt really fit any of that stuff, he's a guy that shouldn't even be known to the rest of the heroes, living on the edge of the Marvel Universe protecting the world and our dimension and plane from dangers and forces out there that the other characters like Spider-Man and The Avengers don't even dream exist. He's our wall against Cthullu and the Old-Ones and the dread Dormammu. That's when Dr Strange was at his best, Stan Lee and Ditko were [writing] him in just that manner."

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