COMICS: He's Baaaack! Cyclops Leads A New Brotherhood (?) In ALL-NEW X-MEN #1 Preview

COMICS: He's Baaaack! Cyclops Leads A New Brotherhood (?) In ALL-NEW X-MEN #1 Preview

Two unlettered pages from All-New X-Men #1 have been released, and they feature Cyclops leading a team of mutants which includes Magneto, Magik and Emma Frost! Is this the "All-New" Brotherhood of Evil Mutants? Check it out!

He may not be as popular as Spider-Man or Wolverine, but Cyclops has a very solid fanbase. For that reason, it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise that the reaction to him being jailed at the conclusion of Avengers Vs. X-Men was not met with a particularly positive response. Worried that he would be left on the sidelines after Kieron Gillen's AVX: Consequences? Well, think again! Brian Michael Bendis clearly has big plans for the character in his and Stuar Immonen's All-New X-Men. It appears as if he breaks out of jail and is leading a new team of mutants in order to help those who received powers as a result of Hope and the Scarlet Witch spreading the Phoenix Force across the globe.


It’s a blast from the past as the original five students of Professor X – Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Iceman, Angel and Beast – are plucked from the past and brought to the present. But what they find, the state that their future selves are in and the state of Xavier’s dream, is far from the future they dreamed of. And how will the X-Men of the present deal with their past coming crashing forward?

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