COMICS: Highlights And Artwork From The NYCC "Amazing Spider-Man and Beyond" Panel

COMICS: Highlights And Artwork From The NYCC "Amazing Spider-Man and Beyond" Panel

Well, it definitely won't be Peter Parker behind the mask in Dan Slott's "Marvel NOW!" series, The Superior Spider-Man. As well as some intriguing hints about who WILL be the new Spidey, the panellists also offered updates on Alpha, Scarlet Spider, Venom and more!

In January 2013, the new "Marvel NOW!" series The Superior Spider-Man will see someone other than Peter Parker behind the iconic mask. Needless to say, this revelation has not been welcomed by fans, but those in attendance at the "Amazing Spider-Man and Beyond" panel were lucky enough to find out even more details about the new direction that Dan Slott and Marvel plan on taking Spidey in following the conclusion of the current series with this December's issue #700. Thanks to Comic Book Resources, we have the following highlights from the panel, and even more details and artwork on the titles below (as well as the likes of Captain Marvel and Hawkeye) can be found by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.

• The panel kicked off with Slott talking about "Amazing Spider Man" #696 cover, with Doc Ock knowing Spidey's identity. #700 is the final issue of the series, but Wacker said "we have plans for what comes after." Singh, meanwhile, said "you will be so pissed off."

• Wacker said that "a select few fans will have their letters answered by Stan [Lee]" in #700."

• "Superior Spider-Man" was next, which Singh said would "feature an all-new Spider-Man, and it ain't Peter Parker." He asked Slott, "Why do you hate Spider-Man?"

• After the banter, Slott said that Peter might still be in the book. "This is a much creepier Spider-Man than we've seen," Slott said, describing the book as "dark and weird." "Within two hours, the internet had turned that into 'grim and gritty.'"

• Slott compared the tone to Gwen Stacy's death and "Kraven's Last Hunt." Then, "You want Spider-Man and Mary Jane back together? They're back together! But he's not Peter Parker."

• "Venom" will be relocating to Philadelphia. "Assuming Flash Thompson survives 'Minimum Carnage,' Venom needs a change," Bunn said. "Philadelphia is where he thinks he can be the hero he needs to be."

• Wacker said that the change reflects the desire for the Marvel U to "expand beyond six blocks in New York City." On "Scarlet Spider," Wacker noted that his new life isn't working out so well, though, and at some point he'll "have to deal with the new Spider-Man in New York City."

• "Punisher: War Zone," a miniseries wrapping up Greg Rucka's run with the character, was next up. "It's a five-issue cat and mouse chase," Wacker said. "You will believe Frank could keep away from the likes of Iron Man, Spider-Man, Black Widow," he said, noting Rucka had planned this out in detail. "There's a way you can stab someone in the neck that cuts off their vocal chords--and Greg knows this."

"We're not going to follow up 'Spider-Men' right now, but it was one of the best miniseries of the year," Wacker said.

• In response to a question about Flash Thompson discovering Spider-Man's identity, Wacker said, "There have been discussions, but the 'Superior Spider-Man' throws that out of whack."

• Asked whether the Superior Spider-Man is someone we've seen before, possibly a reformed villain, Slott said only, "Our first arc is called 'Hero or Menace.'"

• On the subject of Alpha, Slott noted that "Spider-Man's greatest tragedy was losing his Uncle Ben; Alpha's greatest tragedy is losing his powers." This, he suggested, would influence the character's evolution.

"'Avenging Spider-Man' is continuing," Wacker said, even with "Superior's" launch.

• One fan was hoping for Spidey to get together with Captain Marvel. "There's no plans for them to become romantic," Wacker said, "though Peter would love to date Carol Danvers, as anyone would." He said having them date would be too expected, and he sees them as friends that respect each other.

• Slott said he was not influenced by the Ultimate universe, which has also taken Peter Parker out of the Spider-Man suit. "I don't want what they're doing to affect what I do in my book," he said, even if that meant neither universe would feature Peter Parker.

• Lightning round questions revealed that Anti-Venom will appear again, and Dr. Strange's "One More Day" spell will "maybe" feature in plans coming up. "But one thing we're not doing is un-doing this or not," Slott said.

"The new Spider-Man is going to be clearly working in Spider-Man's world," Slott said when asked whether the new Spidey would have to "clean up" fallout from "Amazing's" final arc. Mister Negative, Overdrive, and Vulture will appear early in "Superior."

"The Superior Spider-Man has serious Spider-Man pedigree," Slott said when asked again if this is a character we've seen before.

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