COMICS: Kaine Sets Out To Assassinate Wolverine In May's SCARLET SPIDER #17

COMICS: Kaine Sets Out To Assassinate Wolverine In May's SCARLET SPIDER #17

Revealed in Marvel's May 2013 solicitations, issue #17 of Scarlet Spider will see Kaine don a different costume in order to pay a debt to the Assassins Guild by taking down Wolverine once and for all! Hit the jump for Ryan Stegman's awesome cover.

This May will see Scarlet Spider taking on Wolverine in what sounds as if it will be a battle to the death! Whether the costume on this cover by artist Ryan Stegman (The Superior Spider-Man) is a new look for Kaine or just an indication that he will be donning a stealth suit to take on Logan remains to be seen, but the solicitation itself confirms that writer Chris Yost (Thor: The Dark World) will be joined by new interior artist Carlo Barberi (Deadpool). While seeing the Scarlet Spider interacting with the Marvel Universe is very cool, one can only hope that we will see him confront the new Spider-Man sooner rather than later, especially as Yost writes Avenging Spider-Man.

• Chris Yost, Kaine and the Scarlet Spider family welcome superstar artist CARLO BARBERI to the book -- and it’s just in time for SCARLET SPIDER vs. WOLVERINE!
• Kaine owes a favor to the Assassins Guild... one murder. And guess who they want dead? Hint: SNIKT!
• Guest starring the faculty and students of the Jean Grey School, aka the X-MEN.


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