COMICS: Marvel E-I-C Axel Alonso On Nick Fury, THOR: THE DARK WORLD Implications And More

COMICS: Marvel E-I-C Axel Alonso On Nick Fury, THOR: THE DARK WORLD Implications And More

In his weekly fan Q&A over at CBR, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso addresses Dan Slott's controversial Amazing Spider-Man arc 'Dying Wish', whether Thor: The Dark World will impact the comic books and where is Nick Fury in Marvel NOW!?

We're a few week in on Marvel NOW! and the fan reaction has predominantly positive to the delight of the folks over at the House of Ideas. Below, Marvel Editor-in-Chief fields some fan questions about Marvel's latest initiative and addresses the INCREDIBLY controversial happenings going on in the Amazing Spider-Man.

On the impact of Thor: The Dark World in the pages of Marvel NOW comic books?
Alonso: I don’t know about you, but everywhere I look, I see Dark Elves. Wait and see…

Will Dan Slott's 'Dying Wish' arc in Amazing Spider-Man have lasting ramifications?
Alonso: A lot of folks said ["This won't last six issues."] when Bucky put on Steve Rogers’ tights! [Laughs] Look, this story definitely takes place over more than six issues. Dan has a lot of story to tell.

To be honest, when Dan first pitched us the idea at an editorial summit, I wasn’t sold on it. But he walked me through where he planned to take the story – the twists and turns and what this would mean for Spider-Man and for Peter Parker – and I completely came around. The fact that his story dovetailed into the Marvel NOW! era was the icing on the cake. “Superior Spider-Man” is going to be very fun ride. No one will believe where it’s going to take them.

Where does Nick Fury Sr. fit within the publisher's Marvel NOW! plans?
Alonso: Nick Fury’s still out there in the world, an independent operator. He’ll continue to be a presence in “Winter Soldier” and elsewhere.

There's plenty more with Alonso including answers to fan queries on Juggernaut, Pixie and Age of Ultron so be sure to click the source link below to read the full transcript. What Marvel NOW titles have you been impressed by so far? For me, X-Men Legacy #1 by Si Spurrier was an absolutely unexpected gem.

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