COMICS: Marvel Reveals Another New "Marvel NOW!" WOLVERINE Series

COMICS: Marvel Reveals Another New "Marvel NOW!" WOLVERINE Series

Many fans were left baffled by the "Snikt" teaser as it was thought that Wolverine would be starring in only Frank Cho's Savage Wolverine. However, it has now been revealed that Paul Cornell and Alan Davis' Wolverine will be the core title. Check it out!

iFanboy have confirmed that next March will see the release of Wolverine #1 from the creative team of writer Paul Cornell (Captain Britain and MI:13) and artist Alan Davis (Fantastic Four). "I think it’s actually quite strange that he’s this normal, down to earth guy who likes to have a beer, someone you’d trust to run a school, when he’s been alive so long, had so much happen to him, be, actually, such a weird being," Cornell tells the site. "I think he values that normality highly, that he fights for it. So this is the action series title where we meet him in his New York context, with many non-super hero friends (like Claremont always had the X-Men know), part of a community of professionals, a very civilized man of violence who’d prefer to be a man of peace." Be sure to click on the link at the bottom of the page to read the interview in full.

• ALL NEW ONGOING by superstars Paul Cornell (CAPTAIN BRITAIN AND MI:13, Doctor Who, Action Comics) and Alan Davis (AVENGERS, CLANDESTINE, EXCALIBUR, UNCANNY X-MEN)
• Hunting Season, part 1.
• A new enemy sets its sights on Wolverine…though Logan doesn’t know it yet!
To save a little boy, Wolverine must make a terrible decision that will haunt him.

Pencils & Cover by ALAN DAVIS

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