COMICS: Marvel to Cancel Fantastic Four Comics?

COMICS: Marvel to Cancel Fantastic Four Comics?

Of course Marvel Studio's won't regain the Fantastic Four movie rights by this move, it's more of a symbolic gesture to let Fox know that Marvel won't help promote their films.

According to Bleeding Cool, Marvel is planning to cancel two Fantastic Four comics, both the mainstream 616-Universe and Ultimate Universe, which Marvel sold the movie rights to 20th Century Fox when they went into bankruptcy some years ago. This will, in effect, possibly stop the Fantastic Four reboot, or at the very least, snub Fox. They're even going so far as to remove any artwork featuring the Fantastic Four from Marvel's offices.

The characters, however, will still appear in other Marvel comics, such as "The Avengers". Solicitations for the sixth issue of the "Ultimate FF"  comic seemingly point towards cancellation; could the mainstream books be next?

What do you guys think? Do hope this works in Marvel's favor, thus giving the FF movie rights back to Marvel/Disney? Or are you ooking forward to the reboot? Sound off below.

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