Marvel Comics has officially announced a new four-issue miniseries, which will be written by Marvel Universe Vs. Punisher's Jonathan Maberry and penciled by Leandro Fernandez and will be told from Hawkeye's perspective.

Marvel has officially announced a brand new miniseries titled Marvel Universe Vs. The Avengers, which will be written by Jonathan Maberry (Marvel Universe Vs. Punisher, Marvel Universe Vs. Wolverine). In his two previous miniseries, Maberry depicted a world where a plague turned most of Earth’s heroes into cannibalistic monsters. Marvel Universe Vs. The Avengers is the latest installment in the saga, and will look deeper into events, bringing the terror close to home. Leandro Fernandez will handle the artwork on the four-issue miniseries, which will begin in October. In addition to revealing the cover for the first issue in the series, the official Marvel website posted some quotes from Jonathan Maberry.

“The story is intensely personal, as all stories of great cultural trauma,” Maberry says. “These are horror stories, and MARVEL UNIVERSE VS THE AVENGERS takes the horror down to a very personal level. We are no longer witnessing the world’s hurt or the cultural hurt, we’re inside the head – and heart — of a man who is experiencing the most personal kind of hurt.” This man is archer Hawkeye, from whose eyes this story will be told.

Maberry also confirms that we can expect many familiar faces. “The story is told from Hawkeye’s perspective, but most of the big guns are there: Thor, Hulk — red and green versions — Iron Man, Giant Man, Luke Cage, Black Widow, Mockingbird, Spider-Man, and others,” reveals the writer. “We also check in on the kids at Avengers Academy. The events in these four issues cut a bloody swath across the entire Avengers landscape.”

“The world is becoming a horror show and no one has the power to stop it,” Maberry explains. “Then we look down at the street-level, at a man like Hawkeye who has no super powers and who isn’t really the go-to guy for a world-threatening crisis and for reasons we’ll explore in the story, he doesn’t succumb to the plague as quickly. More and more of the responsibility for this fight falls to him, and he’s extremely mortal.

“View that same thing from another perspective and you see someone who has never been as powerful as his teammates, and yet he’s always held the line, always done his part. So, maybe he’s the kind of hero we need in a world where super powers are no longer the answer.”

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