COMICS: Marvel Unveils Nick Spencer And Luke Ross' Relaunched SECRET AVENGERS

COMICS: Marvel Unveils Nick Spencer And Luke Ross' Relaunched SECRET AVENGERS

"Marvel NOW!" will be getting yet another Avengers book as this iteration of the covert team (from the creative team of Nick Spencer and Luke Ross) puts the spotlight on S.H.I.E.L.D., and has something in common with Joss Whedon's The Avengers. Read on for details!

Next February will see the release of a brand new Secret Avengers series from Nick Spencer (Iron Man 2.0) and Luke Ross (Captain America). The twist? " “S.H.I.E.L.D. has decided that they want their own Avengers team, says Nick Spencer. "But Avengers are loose cannons: They’re independent operators, they don’t have security clearance, they have a history of becoming bad guys." Sounds pretty standard right? Well, according to Entertainment Weekly, "Thanks to the memory implant technology first seen in the 2005 Brian Michael Bendis-scripted series Secret War, Nobody on this team actually knows that they’re on this team." A keyword gets them to join the team for a mission, and their memories are wiped right after! While the core cast featured in the image below clearly takes its influences from the main characters featured in Marvel's The Avengers, they won't be the only ones who play a role in the series. Below is a rundown of Spencer's thoughts on why he chose each member of the team, but you can find more details by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page. What do you guys think about this planned version of Secret Avengers? Be sure to sound off with your thoughts in the usual place!

Hawkeye: "Clint led the last incarnation of Secret Avengers, the team that Steve Rogers put togethe. He’s not in charge anymore. So there’s some adjustment to be made. He’s in an interesting place. But I have to keep quiet!"

Black Widow: "She has a such a higher profile than ever. She’s kind of the leading female character at Marvel at this point."

Nick Fury: "One of the most important distinctions between this Nick Fury and the Nick Fury that a lot of folks are familiar with from the film franchise is that this Nick is a field agent, and he’s a very new field agent. He comes from a lot of time in military service in Afghanistan, and that shapes his worldview and his standard operating procedures."

Mockingbird: "Also known as Bobbie Chase, Hawkeye’s Ex-Wife. So we have some fun dynamics to play with there."

Taskmaster: "A favorite of mine. I was at the Con today, and I saw three Taskmaster costumes!"

Iron Patriot: "I can’t reveal the identity of the Iron Patriot yet, but I think people are gonna like how he ends up in that suit. That’s a suit that has a lot of history in the Marvel Universe, none of it good."

Hulk: "An on-call member of this team, and a walking weapon of mass destruction. They’ll use him judiciously, but when they do, it’ll really count."

The Winter Soldier: "[Bucky will have] a huge role in the book."

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