COMICS: Mysterious XX Teaser Is For All Female X-MEN Relaunch

COMICS: Mysterious XX Teaser Is For All Female X-MEN Relaunch

COMICS: Mysterious XX Teaser Is For All Female  X-MEN Relaunch

The series is set to feature Storm, Rogue, Jubilee, Rachel Grey, Psylocke Kitty Pryde and more dealing with everything from the villainous Sublime to interstellar life forms and even Sentinels. Continue on for details on the new series from Brian Wood and Olivier Coipel.

According to Wood in an interview with USA Today, the series puts Jubilee in the lead but each of the femme fatales will get their chance to shine. Wood said he's using the first few issues of Grant Morrison's New X-Men run from 2001 as a template for his storytelling. Hence the use of Sublime, one of Morrison's creations. The author promises the book will also delve into the relationships, sexual encounters and love that occurs between the various X-team members. Wood says he plans to challenge the notion of female promiscuity, that is the double standard that Wolverine can sleep with as many females as he likes but if Storm or Rogue sleep with more than one man then they're labeled promiscuous.

Sounds like intriguing stuff and I'll definitely be picking up the first issue at least. The book is set to be released sometime in April.

• Wood broke on the scene in 1997 with Channel Zero and has gone on to write some notable titles including DMZ, Ultimate X-Men and Wolverine and the X-Men: Alpha & Omega (2012). Recently he relaunched Star Wars for Dark Horse Comics which sold out in only one day.

• Oliver Copiel is a French comic book artist known for his Marvel work although he got his start with DnA on Legion of Superheroes. He's provided art for Thor, X-Men, New Avengers, Avengers vs X-Men and much more.


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