COMICS: New Marvel NOW! DEADPOOL #1 Details And Artwork Revealed

COMICS: New Marvel NOW! DEADPOOL #1 Details And Artwork Revealed

A new-look Deadpool battles a giant monster on the cover of this November's Marvel NOW! relaunch of his series from comedians/writers Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan (with The Walking Dead's Tony Moore on pencils). Hit the jump for artwork and details.

Thanks to IGN Comics, we have a first look at Geof Darrow's cover of this November's Deadpool #1; the new Marvel NOW! series from the creative team of Brian Posehn, Gerry Duggan and Tony Moore. Below are just a few brief excerpts from their interview with the site, but be sure to click on the link at the bottom of the page to read the full version. Are you looking forward to the series? Sound off with your thoughts in the usual place!

Brian Posehn On How He And Gerry Duggan Got The Job:

Well, this whole thing would never have happened if it weren't for Comic-Con, probably. In any situation where you get something going, it's all about who you know, and this really came from that. Hanging out with Axel [Alonso]. Meeting Axel through Rick Remender. And Remender, who's our biggest cheerleader, going, “These guys are funny. These guys love comics. These guys should be writing.” It originally started with the idea that we were just going to do a special. But with Marvel kind of reevaluating their books, they realized they don't really want to do specials anymore. Then we were on the back-burner for a while. But we've been talking about doing something with them for a couple of years now.

Gerry Duggan On Deadpool's New Look:

Now might be a good time to point out that when this runs, you'll see some art that shows the tweaks he did to the costume. It's really costume. And they're subtle. You'll look at it and know that it's Deadpool, but it's a new Deadpool that really looks great. Less pouches and less weird, tech-y gear, but more versatile sort of, "Hey, you know what? Those are magazines. Those are clips." You get the sense that he can reach behind his back and pull out either a frying pan or a shotgun. It looks great.

Gerry Duggan On How Deadpool's Mental Instability Will be Handled In The Series:

I would say, though, if you're a fan of a mentally diminished Deadpool, your hopes will be met and your expectations rewarded. I think we wanted with the first issue to make a new Deadpool comic that a Deadpool fan will really enjoy and want to come back for the second issue. The other side there, though, is that we know this is a new #1 by guys that haven't done Deadpool yet, and we're hoping to pick up new fans who will buy the first issue and say, "Oh, this is what Deadpool is? I'm sticking around." I think that's a balancing act that we did a pretty good job of. I think we made a fun comic that any Deadpool fan will recognize as a new chapter in Deadpool's publishing history.

Brian Posehn On The Chances Of Seeing Cable In The Series:

He's not in the first arc, but hopefully we'll be on the book for a while. We have several arcs planned. He could definitely come in. We started over with some new S.H.I.E.L.D. people that you've never met. That was really fun to create new characters as well as work with Wade – this character that we already love.

Tony Moore On Whether He Is Changing His Art Style On Deadpool:

Not incredibly so. The basics are all still the same. I do feel a lot more relaxed with this book since it's not quite so morose as some of the other stuff, especially the work I did on Venom. That got pretty dark. This is a little more freewheeling, and I feel like my cartooning has loosened up a bit. It's made for some fresher art. I'm really happy with the way things have gone. It's a more relaxing kind of cartooning than I've been able to enjoy in a long time, so I'm pleased with the way everything has gone.

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