COMICS: Rick Remender, And John Romita Jr. Talk CAPTAIN AMERICA

COMICS: Rick Remender, And John Romita Jr. Talk CAPTAIN AMERICA

After Ed Brubaker's fantastic run on Captain America, what has Marvel's anticipated writing shakeup Marvel Now have in store for him? The new team for Cap, talk of how their stories are going to shed light on Cap's pre-super-soldier days, new information on how a certain villain will be portrayed, much more!

With the comic book movie box office hit Captain America: The First Avenger and its anticipated sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier taking a lot of ideas from Ed Brubaker's well loved run, it's not surprising fans are sad to see him leave the iconic hero. What does the new team have in store for him? Read the transcript below.

"At the core of this book is Steve Rogers. Even though tonally you can expect a bit of a shift, the character still shines true. We're taking a drift into science fiction. Visually it will be pretty crazy. John is plugging away on issue #3 and it looks gorgeous."

"It's a large step away from the espionage spy stuff Ed Brubaker has been doing, but it's the same core character dropped in a new situation."

"It was important to show Steve earning the tenacity and heart, because you're not born with that. What you learn from your parents and the people around you informs your decisions and choices that define who you become."

"The scene in 'Captain America: The First Avenger' where he jumps on the grenade nails it."

"Arnim Zola is established as terrible in one scene."

"Mainstream books can be the best ones to take a turn into horror or science fiction because it's unexpected. It meets its rating, but it's very inspired by EC Comics from the 50's or Bernie Wrightson on Frankenstein."

"It's an action book. It's high adventure. Cap throws some fists. The villain is villainous. A hero is only as good as his villain, and wait until you see what John and Dean have done with Zola." - Rick Remender

"Arnim Zola is one of those characters who because he was such a bizarre design and because people who weren't Jack Kirby drew him, he became almost a comical figure. That's all going to go away."

"When Rick and I first started talking about doing Cap stuff, for all the high adventure and sci fi, there was an element of what Frank Miller did to Daredevil in Born Again, tearing him down and taking everything away to build him back up. We're throwing Cap down into a place where he's completely out of his element, where the idea of America has no relevance. We're stranding him on a metaphoric desert island and getting to the core of what drives this character. We'll learn one new thing about him that really drives the first year."

"Running parallel will be the story of Steve Rogers' early days. We've always said he was Captain America without the physique before the super soldier serum, now we'll see that. We'll see the things that made him the guy he is today."

"We're so far removed from the Great Depression that it gets eclipsed by World War 2. You'll get to see Steve as a fighter of a different sort in a different environment. You'll see him tempered into being the right guy to be Captain America." - Tom Brevoort

"Back then, you had to be a lot tougher than the average human being. I think Steve Rogers would have become a cop, gone into the military--somehow been more than the guy on the street even without the super soldier serum. He would never have been just the average joe." - John Romita Jr.

For much more on the new take on Captain America be sure to check out the Marvel's Liveblog on Cap by clicking source below.

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