COMICS: Rick Remender Discusses The Shocking Final Page Of CAPTAIN AMERICA #3

COMICS: Rick Remender Discusses The Shocking Final Page Of CAPTAIN AMERICA #3

Peter Parker is no longer the only superhero with an unwelcome guest in his body! There was a shocking reveal on the final page of Rick Remender and John Romita Jr.'s Captain America #3 today and you can see that and comments from the writer after the jump!

Steve Rogers has been trapped in Arnim Zola's "Dimension Z" for over a year, but it looks like the worst is still to come for the patriotic superhero. On the final page of Captain America #3 today, it was revealed that Arnim Zola's consciousness has been physically grafted onto his chest. Talking to Newsarama, writer Rick Remender had this to say about the shocking development and the similarities to what is currently going on in Dan Slott's The Superior Spider-Man. Be sure to click on the link at the bottom of the page in order to read the interview in full!

"It's a consciousness infection. That was the thing that Zola was plugging into Steve in issue #1, you see him take that giant needle and shove it into his chest — and this is what it was. It's a consciousness infection, because Zola wanted to take over Steve, and use him to go back to Earth and do dastardly villainous business. But then Steve escaped...

It obviously seems significant — with a supervillain implanted onto Captain America's chest and all. I wanted to make an impossible situation for Steve, one that he has no earthly reason to be able to survive and get out of. This is another stage in setting him down that road. Not only is he dealing with being stranded in this foreign environment, with the health and care of a child on his shoulders, he's now looking down the barrel at a Zola infection that will be trying to take over his mind. It serves a very different purpose than what Dan's doing in Spider-Man. Because of the differences in the execution, and the differences in what it ends up doing to Steve, and it didn't seem like a concern. It's very different."

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