COMICS: Secret Spider-Woman, Thor's Sister Is Angela, And More ORIGINAL SIN Revelations

COMICS: Secret Spider-Woman, Thor's Sister Is Angela, And More ORIGINAL SIN Revelations

All sorts of secrets have been revealed as part of Marvel's Original Sin panel at C2E2, including the fact that a young girl - Silk - was bitten by the same radioactive spider which gave Peter Parker his abilities, Spawn turned Guardians of the Galaxy star Angela is in fact Thor's sister, and more...

A number of secrets will be unearthed in Original Sin and its various tie-ins this year, and Marvel have today revealed a number of them during their C2E2 panel. Amazing Spider-Man will reveal that Peter Parker wasn't the only person who was bitten by the radioactive spider that day, and this is the character (called Silk) who will presumably be the focus of the upcoming Year One: Learning To Crawl miniseries. With The Watcher dead and his secrets revealed, the older version of this character will return in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man in issue #4 of the relaunched series.

Elsewhere, it will be revealed in Fantastic Four that Johnny Storm ruined an opportunity to turn The Thing back into Ben Grimm, and Johnny and Reed kept the secret from him. Original Sin: Hulk Vs. Iron Man will shed some light on Tony Stark's involvement in the creation of the gamma bomb, Daredevil #6 will reveal why Matt Murdock's mother left him and his father, and Uncanny X-Men #23 will see the last will and testament of Charles Xavier cause chaos in the life of Cyclops and his team. Deadpool #29 will tell the story of what happened to Deadpool's family, but perhaps the biggest revelation will come in Original Sin: Thor and Loki: The Tenth Realm #1-5 which will reveal the "Tenth Realm" that Angela comes from and the fact that Odin is her father. 

For more details on Original Sin and secrets relating to some other characters, be sure to head on over to Newsarama for more. How do you feel about these revelations?

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