COMICS: STAR WARS Comics Coming Back To Marvel

COMICS: STAR WARS Comics Coming Back To Marvel

While it's not a surprise, a report has just surfaced that claims Disney will not renew the contract for Star Wars Comics that is currently with Dark Horse Comics. Sending the franchise back to Marvel for publishing.

When Disney bought LucasFilm some questions arose about the status of the current Star Wars comics that are currently being developed over at Dark Horse Comics. The contract Dark Horse had with LucasFilm only ran until 2013. In a rather unsurprising move, Disney has decided to not renew that contract with Dark Horse. Instead they will return the titles to Marvel. Check out the report from Blue Sky Disney below.

The Suits in the know have determined that no new contracts will be given to Dark Horse after the current ones expire. So all new projects after 2013 will be handled internally by Marvel.

It’s not known yet if titles will be worked into the regular line up, or will Marvel create a special branch of the company that deals with Star Wars. It’ll take a couple of years for the old deals to work there course, but the stories that Dark Horse have coming down the pipeline will be the last. And you can expect anything new from Marvel dealing with Star Wars to arrive around 2015.

Once again this isn't a huge surprise that Disney would pull this move. Like the report states you can expect to see some new Star Wars material from Marvel around 2015, which just happens to be the target release date for Episode VII. For the latest on all things Star Wars make sure to check back here at CBM.

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