In this editorial I speculate that the "Superior" Marvel NOW! teaser image might have to do with all- new series of SPIDER-MAN. I also discuss how Spider-Man should be handled, Slott/Ramos and More.

Marvel said that Spideys costume redesign is in connection you to #700 so ether he is wearing black because he's in mourning after the death of May or because he's went anti-hero.

Marvel has already promoted a "top-secret" series launch in January using the one-word teaser "Superior," which I say is the new title.

(THE) SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN sounds good doesnt it?

Spider-Man deserves to be in High School as a relatable and funny student, because some of MARVEL's sloppy writers have been playing around and making a childish (at times) Adult Peter Parker, clearly they think he's still in High School. His intelligence has been dropped down and seems to be "the third wheel" for THE AVENGERS, I say he doesn't belong there. He has been downplayed with his abilities several times and always pushed down. He doesn't even seem like one of the strongest in the Marvel Universe as we know him too, for Christ sake he took down THE HULK.

MARVEL doesn't know how to treat Spidey anymore (One More Day etc). It's the same old thing, doesn't really work out well anyway. He has lost what he used to be:

Back when he had large menacing eyes whith perfect art/writing,a strong and witty badass that everyone loved, statistics have even sown that after T.Mac left the sales in Spidey books have lowered. Dan Slott and Ramos have been good, I'm tired of Ramos's good/mediocre coloring book art. Ramos is horrible his art looks so cartoony I can't even read the issue without the art taking me out of the story it's just bad. At times its decent then its a colored mess on the page. His action scenes are stiff and static, his panelwork is cluttered instead of detailed because his art style where things tend to blend together.

I can't tell a single thing going on here, a real shame that this man is given the ending of the greatest super hero's series. With this pathetic bull:

Why not such wonderful and stunning artists for the COVER such as Marko Djuredjevic?

(Best artist ever) Steve Mcniven?

Paolo Rivera?

(A new coming who's miles better than Ramos) Christian Nauk?

Slott has been good so far, but made some terrible choices.

Carlie Cooper, who is she? A nobody.
Alpha? Goddammit no.
Doc Ock (One of the great villains dying ever since #600) No, stupid.

He needs to be back in High School where he can remain how he should, a teenager with spider powers.

Here's a thought: Maybe SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN could base its Peter Parker off Andrew Garfield's from this year THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. (That's if they were going down the High School route).

So what do you think guys?
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