COMICS: The "Mysterious" Villain Of SPIDER-MEN Revealed

COMICS: The "Mysterious" Villain Of SPIDER-MEN Revealed

So, how do Peter Parker and Miles Morales end up coming face-to-face? Brian Michael Bendis reveals that Mysterio will cause the rift which result in the two Spider-Men meeting up and also teases some very intriguing new details about the series.

Spider-Men Exclusive Sneak Peek

It has been revealed via USA Today that Mysterio is the villain who will discover a rift between the 616 and Ultimate Universe, resulting in Peter Parker and Miles Morales meeting for the first time. According to writer Brian Michael Bendis, the classic baddie has been travelling between universes for a while now and it's also hinted that these two may not be the only heroes who end up visiting the alternate realities. "Mysterio is up there with the most dangerous criminals that Spider-Man has come up against," says Bendis. "When I was a kid, I found some of his stories to be terrifying. It just got so personal. When he does his thing right, he delves in and gets deep into a psyche that doesn't deserve that kind of punishment."

"Now we're in Christmas Carol territory," he adds when asked about Peter Parker meeting the likes of Aunt May and Gwen Stacy. "If done right, this is an emotional and powerful Spider-Man story that we haven't seen before. The real meat of the story is (Peter) meeting Aunt May and Gwen and MJ and discovering this world and what it means to him. You can't walk away from an interaction like that without being changed, and Miles being witness to it all is the best lesson he can learn." The two Spider-Men will also team-up with The Ultimates.

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