COMICS: What point does Spiderman serve with the Avengers?

COMICS: What point does Spiderman serve with the Avengers?

Does Spiderman really belong in the Avengers? After all be is a loner.

We as comic book fans want to see our beloved characters on the big screen. We have been able to get our wishes fulfilled for over a decade now. Had with the success of the Avengers a new type of superhero movie was introduced. Now we no longer want simply solo movies we want crossovers.

Spiderman has been my favorite superhero since I was first introduced to him. And to see him in an Avengers movie would or at least might bring me to tears. But having my ability to think, I know you can't just throw Spiderman in with the Avengers, and no...not because of the filming rights.

When I write a story every character HAS TO HAVE SOME SORT OF PURPOSE. So assuming the people or person in charge of writing the Avengers sequel we shouldn't have a problem. But with Spiderman what purpose would he serve?

Well the thought hit me from an unlikely source and a likely one. Ultimate Spiderman was one that really hit me. He's the leader of a future Avengers team. But in Avengers EMH be rises to leader of the New Avengers. Now interestingly Captain America and Iron Man were gone. Spiderman definitely has leadership skills. And his never say die attitude is most inspiring.

Ex: A Spiderman comic I read where he fought Morlun. He really got his butt beat. But at one point he got up saying basically "Wait a sec I'm the mother Spiderman and I'm not losing to him!!!" He still lost but he didn't give up.

Now wait some may say Captain America is the same way. True very true. Also in his House of M alternate reality he had his own com
pany just like Tony Stark. Now if I'm wrong about that please tell me. Been a while since I read it. Now again back to Avengers EMH, Spiderman was the leader of the New Avengers. But get this IN THE PLACE OF CAP and IRON MAN. Spiderman in a cool way is an interesting mixture of both. He has the heart of Captain America his leadership skill may not be on par with Cap but its not fair to expect that much.

The point is if Captain America or Iron Man were to go missing for some unknown reason Spiderman could fill the void. Be the substitute Avenger. In spite if that I can't see a reason for Spiderman to be in an Avengers movie. If he ever gets the chance.

So what do you guys think? Intellectual conversation is what I'm all about. You guys got a better idea state it below. Am I wrong, right, in between? Lolol
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