COMICS: Wolverine Set To Finally Become "Killable" This July

COMICS: Wolverine Set To Finally Become "Killable" This July

COMICS: Wolverine Set To Finally Become "Killable" This July

In this July's Wolverine #8 from Paul Cornell and Alan Davis, Logan will lose his healing factor in a story arc entitled "Killable". Hit the jump for details on the story arc and a piece of artwork featuring a very vulnerable looking Wolvie!

Wolverine has come to rely on his healing factor, but it's set to be taken from him in a story arc by writer Paul Cornell and artist Alan Davis starting in this July's Wolverine #8. Talking to Comic Book Resources, here's what Cornell had to say about finally making the iconic Marvel character, "Killable". Could this be the beginning of the end for Wolverine? It was rumoured not too long ago that Marvel were thinking of killing him off, although this storyline more than likely is designed just to reflect what is happening in James Mangold's The Wolverine! What do you guys think?

On How Exactly Wolverine Loses His Healing Factor:

Unfortunately I can't answer that question without spoiling the end of "Drowning Logan" and the issues that comes after it. All I can say is that when this arc begins, Wolverine is killable, hence the title of the arc.

On How Wolverine Deals With This Loss:

It's about what happens when someone whose entire persona, fighting style and attitude is shaped by one big factor in their lives loses that. Logan has always gone into battle allowing himself to take a certain amount of damage. That'll have to change, but that takes doing. He's always assumed he had a long time to figure things out, to let life happen, but now, should he be more committed, should he make his relationships more important, should he try and start a family and keep it together, just for once? Most warriors have to deal with the idea of death. This is new to him, and it changes the sort of warrior he is. It makes him braver and tougher, because now he has everything to lose. But that journey to braver and tougher is a very difficult one.

On Whether Sabretooth Plays A Role In "Killable":

I've never written him before, and I like him how he is now: Someone who's got the same wisdom of his years as Logan has, a tactical player who's able to lure his foe into a trap. He doesn't enter this arc for the longest time, but everyone knows it's him doing this. His entrance is going to be memorable.

On Whether Wolverine's Villains Will Target Him When They Learn He No Longer Has His Healing Factor:

Certainly not the only villain. The arc begins with a trip to Wakanda that relates to our first story arc, with Storm going back on her word never to go there again. The stakes are so high. That brings a newly vulnerable Logan into direct conflict with the Black Panther, and there are other villains who are going to come after Logan. We're also going to visit with some people who are important to him: Storm, Kitty Pryde, the staff and students at the Jean Grey School. Everyone's going to be affected by this change in his life. Kitty, especially, the symbol of how Logan cares about and will fight for and be mentor to the young, has a hugely important part in our endgame. She goes into the valley of death beside him.

On Where The Story Takes Place:

We go to Wakanda, and then to -- somewhere very important to Logan that hasn't been shown very often. And it's changed a lot.

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