COMICS: X-Men Expected To End With Issue #41

COMICS: X-Men Expected To End With Issue #41

With announcing new titles for Marvel NOW! with "Nova" and "Uncanny X-Men" the publisher has claimed that "X-Men" will end it's run in February with issue #41

Marvel NOW! has been shipping out fresh new takes on the Marvel Universe, and should be no surprise that "X-Men" is looking at its final issue, since this new lineup of a brand new series, basically cancelling old titles going into the stage of rebooting.

Which leaves me into confusion, since "X-Men" relaunched two years ago, with
writer Victor Gischler then being replaced by Brian Wood respectively. But I guess this could bring in a new audience, even though many fellow fans such as myself don't agree with some of the more recent changes that Marvel has done with their characters. But I doubt that "X-Men" will end completely, since the company has there way of "reviving" certain characters and individual titles. But time will tell when the original title will be back on.

What are your thoughts on this? To be honest I've lost an interest in comics in general because of certain changes, but I guess this shouldn't effect readers that are still out there, leave your thoughts in the usual place.

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