Disney Has Three Marvel TV Series in Development

Disney Has Three Marvel TV Series in Development

Disney CEO Robert Iger sat down for a lengthy interview with the Wall Street Journal, and among the subjects covered -- albeit briefly -- was Disney's efforts with recent acquisition Marvel Comics.

What follows is the relative portion of the interview:

WSJ: In the past year-plus you've made two splashy acquisitions: Marvel and Playdom. How are the integrations of those two companies progressing?

Mr. Iger: [With Marvel] we've taken back distribution, or bought back distribution from [Viacom Inc.'s] Paramount, for some critical franchises. Notably, "Iron Man 3" will be distributed by us, and "Avengers." We're developing three live-action series for ABC and ABC Family. You can buy Marvel products at Disney stores. And we're working on Marvel games.

Not much there, but it will be interesting to see what the other two series beyond the Hulk will be.

Follow the link for the full interview
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