DR DOOM: The Baron of Iron

DR DOOM: The Baron of Iron

"Before this day is ended, mankind shall grovel helplessly at my feet -- and, as fate has obviously ordained -- Doctor DOOM shall be Master of Earth!"

Who is DR DOOM?
DR DOOM is a fictional supervillain in Marvel Comics. He was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and appeared first in Fantastic Four #5 (July 1962). A recurring supervillain, he is the arch enemy of the Fantastic Four and also the leader of the nation of Latveria. Doctor DOOM is both a genius inventor and a sorcerer.
First Appearance

DR DOOM's origins has him as the son of gypsies, born in Latveria. DOOM's mother was a witch, he would later follow on her footsteps in using the dark arts when she first found his mother's occult instruments and swears revenge on the Baron who previously had his father killed. DOOM grows into a headstrong and brilliant man, who was offered the chance to study in America. While studying in a university he had an experiment with connection to the dark arts that went awry, resulting in an explosion that severely damaged DOOM's face. He was expelled from the university, which prompted him to travel the world, he later ends up in Tibet. Where he mastered the monks' disciplines, later he forges himself a suit of armor, complete with a mask that can only be removed by him.

DR DOOM was modeled after the personification of Death, with the armor standing in for that character's skeleton.

DR DOOM's archrival is Mr Fantastic, though DOOM and Mr Fantastic might be equal in their technical and scientific prowess, DOOM has an upperhand with his knowledge of sorcery, but Mr Fantastic has back-up with his team and family, the Fantastic Four.

DR DOOM always had a lust for power. One time He was able to steal the Silver Surfer's Power Cosmic and become one of the most powerful beings on Earth, but was stopped by the Fantastic Four.

Later still during the events of the first Secret Wars, he was able to steal the powers of Galactus.

...and then the powers of the Beyonder.

During his youth, DR DOOM fell in love with a woman named Valeria, but she declined his advances. He made a pact with the Hazareth Three, which involved sacrificing her in order to gain more power.

In connection with the Hazareth Three, DR DOOM found himself trapped in Hell. When Thor's Hammer, Mjolnir was floating and passing through all realities, it made a hole in hell for DOOM to escape. When Mjolnir landed on Earth, DOOM tried to claim it, but he was unworthy.

He later returned to Latveria and rediscovered his magical heritage to defeat his enemies. He later welcomed Atlanteans to Latveria when their kingdom was destroyed.

In the aftermath of the Skrull's Secret Invasion, Doctor DOOM became a member of the Dark Cabal, a group of like minded individuals hiding in the shadows and planning nefarious deeds. Members of this secret society are Norman Osborn, Emma Frost, Namor, Loki, and the Hood.

When the Asgardians moved from Asgard, which was floating above Broxton, Oklahoma, to Latveria on Loki's suggestion, DOOM secretly began capturing Asgardians. He experimented and mutilated them to discover what gave them their immortality. Learning about this, Thor came and engaged DOOM in combat. DR DOOM realizing that he is about to lose, DOOM used a new version of the Destroyer Armor which he was working on. He reengaged Thor and began to beat him down, with Thor unable to hurt him. Realizing that DOOM's armor was powered by a battery, Thor held off DOOM until the suit's power finally ran low, forcing DOOM to retreat.

DR DOOM learning about the Desturi, a xenophobic group of Wakandans, he planned to gain access to that nation's vast amounts of Vibranium. The metal Vibranium has the ability to be magically charged and has infinite power potential, something DOOM had figured how to use to make himself virtually unstoppable. DR DOOM was able to gain access to the vault that contained the Vibranium and had himself an armor made of Vibranium. T'Challa, King of Wakanda and the superhero known as Black Panther, rendered all Wakandan vibranium inert and useless to stop DR DOOM.

DR DOOM will then be captured by another supervillain, the Leader, who has the "intelligent" plan of using a machine to drain Eight of Earth's greatest minds. Able to free himself DR DOOM tried to use the machine to transfer all the other geniuses knowledge into his own mind, this plan backfired and fried DOOM's brain. The transfer overload to DOOM damaged his brain and left him severely diminished in mental capacity.

Other DR DOOM costumes (I'll leave it to the bigger geeks to identify these):

Joseph Culp
Doctor DOOM is the main antagonist from the unreleased film based on the Fantastic Four, which was produced by Roger Corman in 1994. In it, DR DOOM was a college classmate of Reed Richards, who was nearly killed in an accident when both he and Reed try to capture the power of a comet called Colossus.

Julian McMahon
Doctor DOOM is the main antagonist in the 2005 film Fantastic Four played by Julian McMahon. He would later reprise the role in the sequel Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2008).

Note: Due to the nature of comicbooks being an on-going tale, the character's powers along with his appearance, is in a constant state of flux.

Gypsy Sorcery: Doctor DOOM's potential in the mystic arts comes from the Roma (i.e. Gypsies) heritage of his mother. He learned these abilities from his time with a secret order of monks in Tibet. He further developed his abilities by traveling through time and learning lost Dark Arts.

Genius-level Intellect: Doctor Doom's most dangerous weapon is his genius-level intellect. He is easily one of the top mortal minds on the planet. Doom has constructed hundreds of devices, including a working time machine (the first of its kind on Earth), devices which can imbue people with superpowers, and many types of robots. His most frequently used robots are his "Doombots," exact mechanical replicas of the real Doctor Doom. They look like him, talk like him, and even act like him. Individually, Doombots have an advanced AI (artificial intelligence) so that each one believes itself to be the real Doom. As a safety measure, each Doombot has a dampener program that is triggered whenever the real Doom (or another Doombot) is nearby. Doom specializes in physics, robotics, cybernetics, genetics, weapons technology, biochemistry, and time travel. He also has natural talents for leadership, strategy, politics, and manipulation.

Highly Influential Connections: As Monarch of Latveria, Doctor DOOM has access to a vast collection of magical artifacts, technological and military hardware. Also has command of conventional military forces.

Diplomatic Immunity: As the leader of a sovereign nation, Doctor DOOM often visits the United States or the United Nations for political reasons. He enjoys diplomatic immunity during these trips, and his embassy is considered foreign soil.

Artist: DOOM has shown himself to be a talented artist.

Pianist: DOOM has shown himself to be a talented pianist, he has played various compositions of his own creation.

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