EDITORIAL: The Hypocrisy Of Marvel Studios Fans

EDITORIAL: The Hypocrisy Of Marvel Studios Fans

Why on Earth do fans continue to bash other studios that own the film rights to certain Marvel characters while they praise Marvel Studios? I mean, they do the same thing to their characters. Read on for my thoughts..

Watch the Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer again. Notice the multiple helicarriers? Notice the Traskelion? These things aren’t in the 616 universe. They’re from the Ultimate Universe not many people read. But that’s okay. Because it is Marvel Studios and we can be sure they are doing everything right with the characters.

Watch the Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer again. WHY IS RHINO A MECH? Because he’s like that in the Ultimate Comics…WHY IS ELECTRO BLUE? Because he’s like that in the Ultimate Comics…WHY IS GREEN GOBLIN HARRY OSBORN? Because he is the Green Goblin eventually, although, not first. Still, at least he was the Goblin, unlike Aldrich Killian, who, by the way, never had a bad bone in his body in the comics.

Every differentiation that MARVEL takes is fine. That is okay because it is Marvel Studios doing it and everyone loves what they do with their films. I like Marvel Studios too. Honestly, I’m not going to the movies to see my favorite stories (or not so favorite stories) brought to life on the big screen. I’m going to see a new take or a new adaption for the characters that I love.

I liked Iron Man 3 well enough. It was a fun, good movie. It had its share of plot holes and issues but it was an overall good film. I don’t care about villainous liberties. The Mandarin that everyone (apparently) knows and loves is still in the comics for them to enjoy but the new take isn’t for you if you don’t like the new character. Because, let’s face it, they’re all NEW characters even if they share the name of the character in the comics.

But my main problem isn’t with the Mandarin fanboys. Hell no, because if they care that much about an adaption being absolutely correct, then I applaud for sticking to their guns when it comes to other movies offered by other studios as well.

My problem comes in with the Marvel Studios fans that believe they do no wrong. They liked what happened with the Mandarin but complain and complain about the Green Goblin not being Harry FIRST in the comics? First of all, do we even know FOR SURE, that Green Goblin is Harry Osborn. Just because it looks like it isn’t enough. There is more than enough evidence to say that Chris Cooper’s Norman Osborn is actually the Goblin. In fact, I think it’ll actually end up being a Spectacular Spider-Man like twist were we find out it is actually Norman in the after-credits scene or something.

However, if it was Harry Osborn, say, SONY and Webb would have crap flung at them while everyone sings the praises of Feige and Marvel Studios. Newsflash! Marvel Studios is working more closely with SONY than FOX. Marvel Entertainment has a say on everything that is being done creatively for the film. SONY even made a deal for them to come help MORE not LESS.

People are going to comment and they are going to say that Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man sucks but very rarely is there someone who can fully articulate why. I know why they can’t. It is because they HATE everything else other companies do with the Marvel properties on principle. People wanted to boycott The Amazing Spider-Man before it came out just because it was being developed by SONY. Everyone wanted it to go back to MARVEL. People who will comment that they hated the film, nine times out of ten, wanted to hate it going in and so it happened. They got what they wanted.

SONY has their own problems with making films. The Amazing Spider-Man wasn’t perfect. Neither were Spider-Man or Spider-Man 2 and the third was the farthest thing from it. But Marvel Studios isn’t perfect either. Iron Man 2 wasn’t good. It was mediocre. Everything else has been good or even great but never, ever perfect. It is the nature of the game and people just need to accept it…regardless of the person distributing it.
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