EXCLUSIVE: Gregg Hurwitz Talks Moon Knight Movie and Comic!

EXCLUSIVE: Gregg Hurwitz Talks <i>Moon Knight</i> Movie and Comic!

The writer of Marvel's The Vengeance Of The Moon Knight talks about what it's been like writing the comic book and the possibility of a Moon Knight movie...

Gregg Hurwitz is a critically acclaimed, internationally bestselling author and has written screenplays for various movie studios including Jerry Bruckheimer Films and Paramount Pictures. His comic book work for Marvel has so far included Wolverine, Punisher MAX, and Foolkiller while he is currently writing the new series, The Vengeance Of The Moon Knight.

I was lucky enough to recently get in touch with Gregg and asked him about what it's been like to write the character and find out whether he'd like to see Moon Knight make his way onto the big screen following in the steps of other Marvel heroes like Iron Man and Spider-Man.

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"It's been a blast writing my boy - always a challenge juggling all those different personalities, and with Khonshu always waiting there for him to take a misstep. One thing that's been best about Vengeance is embedding MK in the heart of the Marvel U - I got to write the character struggling to be heroic again, with big set action pieces and a great series of artists - both for the covers and the book itself."

"I would love to see MK as a big movie franchise. And who knows, especially now that Marvel has their own studio out here."

"All best to you and all the Moon Knight fans out there!"

Thanks of course to Gregg for taking the time to share his thoughts about this and to find out more about him and his past and upcoming work click HERE!
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